We’d like to let you know that our next round of 'Meet the Manager' forums are taking place over the next few months at our Better leisure centres across Allerdale.

We’re continually looking at ways to make things better for you so please do come along if you can. Sessions last approximately 1 hour.

We'd love to hear your views.





The Wave Centre

Thursday 26th October

12pm - 2pm

Cockermouth Leisure Centre

Thursday 17th August

4pm - 6pm

Cockermouth Leisure Centre

Monday 6th November

10am - 12pm

Cockermouth Leisure Centre

Wednesday 8th November

7pm - 9pm

Cockermouth Leisure Centre

Saturday 11th November

9am - 12pm

Keswick Leisure Pool

Monday 18th September 5pm - 7pm

Keswick Leisure Pool

Friday 15th December 10am - 12pm

Workington Leisure Centre

Thursday 23rd November

10am - 8pm


We look forward to meeting you then!