A new HydroBoost Bottle Filling Station has been installed in the Gym to replace the old water fountain. The filling station includes an easy and hygienic method of refilling your bottle plus a built in water fountain.

The main benefit of this new system is that it fills water bottles much more quickly and easily than the old water fountain. The filling station has a sanitary no touch sensor which when you place the bottle in front of it will automatically start filling. After you have removed the bottle or 20 seconds has passed the sensor automatically shuts off. This means that less water is wasted.

Another key benefit of the new system is that it has a built in filtration system to provide fresh filtered water. The visual LED filter monitor on the top left hand side of the machine allows us to track when the filter needs replacing.

On the top right hand side of the machine the green counter tracks the number of plastic bottles saved by using the refilling machine. By using the filling station rather and reusing the same bottle we will reduce our dependency on one time use plastic water bottles, which often end up in landfill sites.

Please support us to improve centre sustainability outcomes by using the refilling station and reusing your bottle. We hope you enjoy using this new water fountain and filling station.