Each week we’ll cover theory and practical topics like health and wellbeing, physical activity, food portions, eating out and much more. You’ll also get to try out a range of different fitness class and other activities, so you can find the exercise that's right for you. And as part of the course you get a Better Let’s Eat Right goody bag that includes the course booklet (which offers a range of health and fitness benefits), water bottle, towel, tape measure and a few more goodies.










Week 1

Introduction to Let’s Eat Right (1 hour)

Let’s Target (30mins)

Week 2

Health and Wellbeing and Food Portions and Healthy Changes (1 hours)

Let’s Work it (30mins)

Week 3

Food and Nutrition Groups (45mins)

Let’s Focus (45mins)

Week 4

Healthy Eating Tips (30mins)

Let’s Move (60mins)

Week 5

Eating Out and Drinking and Physical Activity Explained (30mins)

Let’s Be Strong (60mins)

Week 6

Keeping It Going (30mins)

Let’s…. (60mins)


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Dates: 10th November - 15th December 2017

Day: Fridays

Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Costs: £80 for non-members, £56 for members & £44 for concessionary members


Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the fitness activities, and remember to bring your course booklet and goodie bag to each session.

Booking is essential and can be done in centre or online. Once you have logged onto the booking page, just click ‘Activity Tickets’, click on fitness courses and The Greenwich Centre, then choose your course and date - simple.