First ever Group Fitness Class Member of the Month announced for October

Congratulations to Cheryl Mullins, who has become Better Gym Romford's first Group Fitness Class Member of the Month.



  • Date posted3.10.2017

October's Fitness Tips - Wall Sit

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advance 



  • Date posted3.10.2017

Class of the month October 2017

Wednesday's Group Cycle fitness class is Month for October 2017.









  • Date posted29.09.2017

August Fitness Tips at Gym Romford - Press ups.

Difficulty Level: Beginner & Advance

 Muscle groups: Triceps, Chest, Shoulders,Core

  • Date posted1.08.2017

June Fitness Tips Pull ups

Difficulty: Beginner and Advance

Muscle groups: Shoulders, Biceps and Back

  • Date posted15.06.2017