Name: Darren wilson

Age: 36

How long have you been a fitness instructor? 13 years

Why did you want to become an instructor? I was a PTI in the military and enjoyed it, when I left I wanted to work within fitness and qualified as a PT in 2007.

What classes do you teach? I cover classes such as 55+ and extreme interval fitness and have a regular running group that goes out, we meet in reception on a Tuesday night at 6 15.

Which is your favourite class and why? The Running group is my favourite class as I like a bit of running.

What do you do to keep fit in your own time? I keep fit with regular gym use, but mainly I like to be out running.

What advice would you give to anyone new to fitness classes? I think the best advice is to pick a class or some form of exercise you enjoy….but don’t be shy to try new things once in a while.