Faringdon Leisure Centre swim school is ever growing. Our pre-school swim lessons are a fantastic way for under 5's to increase water confidence and learn to swim.

We run both pre-school 1 lessons for absolute beginners ready to have their first time swimming lessons and pre-school 2 lessons for children who are already starting to be water confident.

  Tuesday Friday
Pre-School 1 13:00pm and 13:30pm 13:00pm and 13:30pm
Pre-School 2 14:00pm and 3:30pm 14:00pm

Learning to swim is an important life-skill for all ages. Pre-school swimmers will be more confident when they start swimming in primary school, when they go on holiday and when they go swimming with family.

Pre-school swimmers can often progress quicker through the swim school as they have already begun to learn to swim. Teachers also explain pool rules and important water safety as well as providing fun and effective lessons.

For more information contact Faringdon Leisure Centre today and speak to a member of our team.

Email us: faringdon@gll.org