AquaPhysical are launching their first FloatFit HIIT classes in West Oxfordshire at Windrush Leisure Centre! AquaPhysical is thrilled that FloatFit classes have been in such demand. A video posted by AquaPhysical last May has been viewed by more than 120 million people worldwide showing the enormous interest there is for AquaPhysical’s product - the AquaBase - and classes - FloatFit. Fun, effective and addictive!

The AquaBase is a low impact exercise platform that will find any imbalances in the user immediately. FloatFit makes the most of water’s instability by using the full length of the base to maximum effect - working the core continually to stay balanced within the 30 minute class.

The unmissable 10 week FloatFit HIIT course will kick off at Windrush Leisure Centre on Tuesday 14th March at 7.30am, with the classes also available on Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays at 12.30pm.

The creator, Leila Francis Coleman, commented “We are excited to have launched this new approach to fitness and know that people of all ages and abilities will love discovering this unique way of working out.”

A.J. Odudu mentioned "Such a unique, forward thinking way to exercise in the water! Their AquaBase are of the highest quality and I haven’t met anybody yet who didn’t love their FloatFit class.”

The AquaBase is tough and inflatable. Easy to store inflated or deflated and able to be used in most sheltered water areas. From an open air city lido, a beautiful intimate boutique hotel pool or a protected bay. FloatFit classes are starting at different facilities all the time from Aberdeen, Scotland to Honiton, Devon to Holland, Germany and Austria.

The difference?
FloatFit offers a full body workout on a body length, unstable, floating platform away from congested studios! It adds a new, effective dimension to an everyday workout using the AquaBase, the world's first floating exercise mat.

The benefits?
The movement created by the water requires both the core and concentration to work together to stay on top of the AquaBase. Intricate stabilisation muscles that prevent dislocation and add strength to joints work overtime. These muscle fibres often go ‘unworked’ in your average workout.

And finally...
FloatFit offers a new, low impact, exciting and fun way of exercising. Often participants don't realise it's actually an exercise class until they wake up the following morning!

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