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Muay Thai


Basketball is one of the world's most popular and widely viewed sports. Playing basketball is a great way to keep fit, with numerous skills involved in every game.  Running, shooting, passing while playing defensively and offensively, basketball is a highly skilled and fun game to play.

The Black Prince Trust in partnership with Nike have two outstanding courts for community use.  Both are available for individual and group hire.  Email us today to book.


Michael Jordan Court

This amazing court with a sprung floor that will accommodate full 3-on-3 games or great as a training venue


Regal Court

This Nike endorsed court is one of a kind. Full size court with spectator seating perfect for training, competitions, show cases, tournaments or hiring for other sporting events.

Ball Again Sessions

Ball Again sessions will be returning to the Black Prince on Saturday 26th April. The sessions are aimed at those who are keen to get into basketball without the competitiveness if you are a beginner or new to the sport.

The sessions will run 3 - 5pm every Saturday and will cost £5.00 (payable at reception). For more information please email .