Printed Date: 02/08/2015

Please Note: Sunday 2nd August Thermal Spa Closing at 3:00pm

Welcome to Kensington Leisure Centre

Frequently asked Questions about the closure of Kensington Leisure Centre


1.  What happens to my membership that I currently have at Kensington? 

Better operates the public leisure centres in the neighbouring Boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and the City of Westminster giving opportunity to relocate you to other local leisure facilities outside of the Royal Borough if you choose not to use Chelsea Sports Centre. From November you will be able to use your Kensington membership in just the same way as you currently do in Kensington. This offer is for existing members on prepaid and full annual members.

If you are a pay as you go or Leisure Pass holder, member access will also be given, but you will be paying the pay as you go prices of that particular activity at the facility you choose to visit .The nearest centres to Kensington to take up this opportunity are as follows:

  • Phoenix Fitness Centre and Janet Adegoke Swimming Pool Centre in Hammersmith and the distance from Kensington is 1.6 miles and the address is Bloemfontein Road Shepherds Bush London W12 7DB
  • Porchester Centre in Westminster is 1.6miles from Kensington. The address is Queensway, Bayswater, London, W2 5HS
  • Jubilee Centre is also in Westminster and is 1.9 miles from Kensington. The address is Caird Street London W10 4RR 

There are also another nine other centre in Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster to visit if you wish. Please log on to the Better website for details of these centres.


2.  If I’m a gym member would I have to do another induction when I go to another   facility?

No, If you have completed your induction at Kensington fitness centre then you are not required to complete another induction. You may wish if you are not familiar with the equipment to arrange a refocus session with one of the instructors at the other centres who will be able to show you around their fitness equipment. These are inclusive of the membership for our prepaid and annual members, pay as you go would be charged at the centre price for that session. 

For details on the other centre’s programming please visit the Better website where you can download their pool and group exercise timetables.


3.      What is going to happen to my child’s swimming lesson? 

The Better Swim School programme will be moved across in to the nearest leisure centres from the centre, The Porchester Leisure Centre, Jubilee Sports Centre and Phoenix Janet Adegoke Swimming Pool. All current enrolees on the courses will be able to have a place on the swimming programme at one of these centres when the centre closes. Further communication on these options will be sent to all current bookers on the swimming programme very shortly.

4.  Who can I contact regarding trying to find alternative facilities such as sport hall hire?

There will be a list available on the Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea website and the Better website on the Kensington LC home page of a list of facilities. You can also contact the centre’s directly , and .


5.   What is happening to the pool space that is currently being used by the local swimming clubs?

Better have been working with Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club to look at providing the same amount of time they currently have at Kensington across all the centre within the City of Westminster and the indication is that the centres have been able to accommodate the club and secure the time that the club current uses at Kensington.

 6.  Will  current hire users of the facilities, be able to come back once the new centre opens and will they get priority?

Currently the new programme of the new leisure centre has not been discussed, though all existing stakeholders would be reengaged nearer the reopening of the centre regarding a return to the facility. There will be regular updates on KALC website of building progress and other opportunities.

7.   Where can I find updates on the centre?                           

Better in partnership with the Royal Borough will be providing regular updates on the notice boards within the centre, if you have access to the internet please view for all the latest developments. We will also be holding a further user forum in November. Please go to or for more details.   

For more information on the user forum please keep an eye on the centres notice board in the reception area


8.      What will the pricing of the new centre be?

There have not been any discussion regarding the cost of activities at the new centre but these will remain affordable to the whole community to allow participation in leisure activities.


9.      What will happen to the Sports Development Active for Life programme which is run at Kensington?

We envisage all of these classes will continue throughout the building programme, again for further information please continue to keep an eye on the centres notice board in the reception area

10.    With the closure of the centre has there been any cross borough working?

Yes, Better and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea work with Hammersmith & Fulham and City of Westminster  we are working together to provide alternative facilities .

11.    Will the new centre be just for the new school to use for their curriculum activities?

No, the centre is being operated as a local leisure centre for the whole community and is a separate building. Obviously Pool and sport hall space may be used by the new academy and other local schools in the area but the programme will be catering for the whole community, it is not a school only facility.

12.    What are the parking arrangements at the other centres for members and other users?

A list of the local facilities and the relative information including parking is available on the Better and RBKC websites, please visit or