At Kentish Town Sports Centre we already converted female changing room lockers on the ground floor from key-operated to padlock-operated and now we are doing the same for the gym change lockers on the first floor.

These lockers currently take 20p to operate, however we are now changing them to be locked by a padlock. These changes will take effect from 15/11/2017, this means customers will need to have a padlock to use the lockers metnioned above. You can bring your own padlock or purchase one from our reception for just £5.

We are also looking to introduce a locker hire facility very soon. This will enable customers to rent a locker space within the centre and to store their belongings in a safe place without having to take items home. The price will be £20 per month. We are currently accepting expressions of interest for this service, if interested please email, and we will get back to you with more information.

In the meantime, any personalised lockers found locked overnight will be opened every evening and belongings will be removed.