Come and join us for a full body work out in our circuits classes - day times for people aged 55+ and Tuesday evenings at 5.30pm for 14-54 yearr olds. These workouts are as intense and challenging as you chose to make them, with a variety of exercises designed to target all major muscle groups as well as working on your cardio vascular strength.

Instructor, triathlon coach and personal trainer Annaliese enjoys teaching her Tuesday evening class. She said "We do something different every week. I really like the way Circuits are so adaptable - it's up to you how hard you push yourself, so everyone can get something out of it".

With a potential 480 calories an hour to be burned, what's not to like?

If you love group exercise, why not join as a group exercise member? Attend unlimited fitness classes for just £23.95 per calendar month, paid by direct debit.

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