Suitable for beginners, the elderly, and people who are unfamiliar or intimidated by traditional machines: alongside people who want to feel engaged with innovation and performance this new class is a simple and invigorating workout.

At Better we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and have introduced this new class taking place every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9.30am - 10.00am

We have made it easy to understand the dynamics and mechanisms of the equipment and ensured it only takes a moment to get into the right position and start your workout. With its refined, modern style, the machines in the Easy Line do not need to be adjusted to different positions or levels of resistance. They can also immediately accommodate every physical build and offer resistance proportional to the speed of movement.

Join us in an informal environment where you can quickly and comfortably reach your training goals with a simple and effective workout option.

For more information please speak to our Fitness Instructor Jason O'Sullivan or call 020 8457 9900.

For online booking please choose the class named Stamina and Endurance.