Between May 15th and May 26th works took place to remove and install new entrance gates at reception and also to replace and refresh over 60 pieces of gym equipment.

Entry Gates

New entrance gates were installed to replace faulty and defective barriers before them. We hope that these new entry gates will assist in managing member access to the centre and also to help minimise queues and problems at reception. If you are having difficulties with your membership card or centre access, we ask that you speak with a member of the reception team who will be happy to assist you. For annual and monthly paying members, we ask you to check in using our fast track kiosks or by visiting reception before scanning the barcode side of your card under the scanner situated to the right hand side of each entry gate. For pay and play members, we ask that you see a customer service advisor at reception who can help you check in before you scan your card’s barcode in the entry gates.

Gym Equipment

From the 24th to 26th May the gym at Kentish Town Sports Centre was refreshed with 60+ new pieces of equipment. In most cases, this was replacements of machines we know you love with a newer model. Below is the full list of new equipment which is in addition to all other existing equipment:

  1. 20 x Treadmills (17 with TV and radio capabilities)
  2. 6 x Synchro Cross Trainers
  3. 9 x Bikes (including 2 recline bikes)
  4. 1 x Step
  5. 1 x Stair Climber *NEW*
  6. 17 x Group Cycle bikes (equipt with digital displays for instant performance feedback) *NEW*
  7. 1 x Cable Crossover *NEW*
  8. 1 x Lower Back Bench
  9. 2 x Lat Pull Down
  10. 1 x Cable Jungle Tower
  11. 1 x Purestrength Bench Press
  12. 1 x Purestrength Scott Bench
  13. 2 x Olympic Bars

For more information about all of these machines (what they are and what they do) and how they can be most beneficial to you, please speak to a fitness instructor or staff member in centre who will be able to assist you.

We'd like to thank customers for their patience and understanding during this initial installation period and for adapting to the new check-in procedure so well. We know that we don't get things perfect every time and always seek feedback on how we can make your experience in Kentish Town Sports Centre even better - any comments you wish to share can be sent to Kentishtown@gll.org where you will receive a reply within 3 days. Alternatively, you can speak to a staff member in centre or fill in a customer comments card found in the gym or at reception.