Connswater hosted it's first SUFFERFEST LEGACY RIDE on Sunday 14th May 2017. The 3 hour session, the first of many to come, drew in 21 dedicated fitness fanatics who climbed, sprinted and time-trialled their way through some breathtaking terrain and immersed themselves in awesome race footage from some of the most gruelling cycling challenges from around the globe.

With only a 5-minute off-the-bike break every hour, the tension was palpable as the minutes ticked by, at what seemed like a glacial pace at times, but eventually success came to everyone who signed up.

Although there were a few strange walks coming out of the spin studio, the sting was balmed with a unique certificate, awarded to everyone in this new clutch of 'Sufferlandrians'! Of course, the question on everyone's lips was; "When's the next one?"