Better leisure centres across Oxfordshire, have donated PPE equipment worth over £300 to Berinsfield Pharmacy on Fane Drive, Berinsfield.

Staff from leisure centres in Eynsham, Carterton, Witney, Didcot, Berinsfield, Henley, Wheatley, Wallingford and Thame collated their entire stock of shoe covers, face masks and gloves, along with cleaning chemicals for donation.  The PPE equipment is normally used in a leisure facility environment when staff are cleaning communal areas, dealing with swimming pool and industrial chemicals or when staff have to carry out first aid. 

Better was first made aware of an urgent shortage of PPE at Berinsfield Pharmacy through a personal connection.  John Busby Better’s Partnership Manager for West Oxfordshire was alerted to the issue because his sister Annemarie Busby works at the pharmacy.  With all leisure centres in the UK currently closed due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Better’s stocks of equipment were not being used and staff were keen to put it to good use. 

Nicola Shankland, Superintendent Pharmacist, Berinsfield Pharmacy: “As I'm sure you are aware, there have been severe disruptions and delays in receiving supplies of PPE from the NHS.

“Without your thoughtful gesture we would have run out of key pieces equipment by now. The cleaning materials you have also kindly supplied mean that we can thoroughly wipe down all of our working areas before each morning and afternoon shift.

“We are so grateful to you for thinking of us at this difficult time when, as frontline staff, we find ourselves in a high risk environment where social distancing just isn't possible. Your donation means that we can be a little less anxious about spreading this disease between ourselves or worry about taking it home to our loved ones.”

Commenting on the donation, John Busby added: “While understandably the focus on PPE donations has been on provisions for hospitals, the needs of pharmacies are less widely acknowledged, yet pharmacy staff are in a frontline role, delivering crucial support and should not be put at risk.  Now is the time for all communities to pull together and when we realised we had suitable equipment within our leisure centres, we wanted to do our bit to help.


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