Benefits of Fitness Classes

At Better we understand that everyone is unique. That's why we offer a range of fun and accessible fitness classes suitable for all; whether you want to lose weight, get healthier, or simply have fun in a social environment. Our classes are categorised into groups to help you understand which class is the right one for you. Find out more below.

Let’s Focus

Let's Focus classes are all about getting your body and mind working together. Lengthen and strengthen your core, improve your posture and flexibility, and nurture a state of focussed relaxation using techniques to release you from the stresses of daily life.

Burn an average of 300 calories per hour when you sign up to one of our Let's Focus classes today.

Featured classes

Yoga                                                    Hot Pilates
Pilates Floatfit Yoga
Tai Chi Parent and Baby Yoga
Hot Yoga Les Mills: Bodybalance


Three woman doing a Yoga fitness class

Let’s Move


Let's Move classes are a fun and sociable way to get fit. Get moving in a lively group atmosphere, with a range of fitness boosting workouts guided by our friendly instructors and accompanied by motivational and upbeat music.

Burn up to 500 calories an hour with one of our Let's Move classes.

Featured classes

Aerobics                                                           Step
Water workout Social dance
Dance aerobics Fitness pole
Zumba Les Mills: Bodystep
Fit Beats Les Mills: Bodyjam
Fitness rebounding 
Deep water workout 



Let’s Work It

Step up your fitness routine in a group setting with our Let's Work It classes. These classes focus on burning calories and pushing your body to the max. Get your muscles pumping and your body moving with sessions that draw on routines and techniques from the worlds of cycling, martial arts and boxing.

Be prepared to work hard, from abs training to leg strengthening, leave no muscle unworked in these high-octane, intense workout sessions, all set to an energising backdrop of motivational music.  

Burn up to 550 calories per hour, sign up to a Let's Work It class near you.

Featured classes

Group cycle Sufferfest
Circuits Les Mills: Body combat
Boxfit Les Mills: RPM
Extreme interval fitness Les Mills: Body attack
Floatfit extreme interval fitness 
Extreme air 


Two people riding indoor bikes

Let’s Be Strong

women doing training in a circuit fitness class

Our Let's Be Strong classes are the perfect way to train your body whilst boosting your strength and agility in a motivational group environment.

Sculpt and tone all major muscle groups and strengthen your heart and lungs with classes that range from intense, muscle building workouts to high energy cardio and body conditioning sessions. These strengthening classes feature the support of our friendly, qualified instructors and upbeat, energising music.

Burn an average of 430 calories per hour and build a stronger, healthier you with one of our Let's Be Strong classes today.

Sessions include

Total body conditioning                                        Ballet fit
Power pump Buggy-a-cise
Core stability Les Mills: Body pump


Let’s Target

Let's Target classes focus in on exercise technique, helping you get the benefit of smaller group sessions in a motivational gym environment. Whether you’re looking for the best form of exercise to lose weight or want to boost muscle tone, these classes are an opportunity to build the right workouts for you.

There are four classes available, each Let's Target class focusses on a different target area.

Target areas

  • Get stronger and sculpt your muscles with a strength and conditioning session
  • The stamina and endurance sessions increase your staying power and ability to train for longer
  • Gain mastery over everyday tasks by improving your strength and balance with a functional class
  • Burn calories and feel great with our cardio sessions

Burn an average of 240 calories per hour, sign up to one of our Let's Target classes today.


Two women and instructor in let's target fitness class

Let’s Eat Right


The key to building a healthier, stronger, more energised you is to combine physical exercise with healthy and sustainable eating habits.

Our Let's Eat Right course gives you a solid understanding of food groups and portion sizes and offers suggestions on how to quickly put together delicious and nutritious meals. These essential insights are combined with practical in-class lesson plans and fitness classes. You’ll learn how to use a meal diary and plan achievable health goals to get fit and full of energy.

Check your local centre to find out if they offer the Let's Eat Right course and sign up today.





Book Fitness Classes with Better

Found the ideal class for you? Discover the benefits of exercise with Better and book into a session near you today.

We have a range of different membership options to fit your needs and your budget, from inclusive access to all gym, swim and fitness classes, to single activity memberships (e.g. just swimming or just gym ) and pay as you go options. A range of student, junior, senior and concession options are also available. 

All Better members can book online up to 14 days in advance, and non-members can book up to 5 days in advance (after registering). If the class you want to attend is full, you can add yourself a waiting list and we will send you an email when space becomes available. Places are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

We know there is plenty of choice, so if you’re unsure which class is for you, all our centres run ‘Let’s give it a go’ classes! These are shorter taster sessions to help you decide which class you prefer. Please check local centre timetables and notices boards to take part in these sessions.

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