Go Explore Hackney

Grab the family and Go Explore West Reservoir, Woodberry Wetlands and Clissold Park.

Visit GPS hotspots to unlock fun challenges, earn points and win prizes!

The Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is for teams to navigate around the chosen location using the Mobile Adventures app and to complete as many tasks and challenges as possible to earn the most points.

Teams will have to physically visit the hotspots in order to unlock the challenges using GPS activation.

Teams who reach certain point values, will be rewarded with a prize*.

2. Open the app and scan the QR code within it.

3. Take a 'Team Selfie' and enter a team name.

4. Once the game has finished loading you will be able to 'Join Game'.


*Prizes on offer include:

  • 100 points: Better Pay & Play membership. Pay for activities as you use them, at a discounted rate. You’ll also save up to 30% on non-member prices, and enjoy access to courses and other members-only activities and facilities at your chosen Better leisure centre. With a wide range of activities including fitness classes, gym and swimming you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy at a Better Leisure Centre in Hackney. 
  • 300 points: Free Better Learn-to-Swim crash course. A week’s crash course in 'Learning to Swim' for juniors or adults at either Britannia Leisure Centre, Clissold Leisure Centre or King's Hall Leisure Centre during the school holidays.  
  • 700 points: Free Toddlers World soft play session at Clissold Leisure Centre. The ultimate fun-filled experience for under 5’s.  
  • 1000 points: Free Badminton, Squash or Table Tennis court booking. Enjoy a racquet sport on us at a Better leisure centre in Hackney. 
  • 1500 points: One Day Guest Pass. Try our facilities for free and enjoy the full benefits of a Better prepaid membership for a whole day. With a wide range of activities including fitness classes, gym and swimming you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy at Better leisure centre in Hackney.  

Star prizes for the winning team:
• Free 1 month Better prepaid membership. Inclusive access to the gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes at your chosen Better leisure centre in Hackney, without any extra costs, plus some other great benefits.
• Free weekend water sports activity at West Reservoir Centre. Choose from either Kayaking or Canoeing session. 

Winning teams will be notified by email, with instructions on how to redeem the prize.


I can’t find the App?
You will be able to find the app on the App Store by searching for “Mobile Adventures”. The app only works on Android phones/tablets and iPhones and iPads. The app will not work on Windows phones or Blackberry phones. It’s also worth making sure your phone is on a recent operating system update.

I have downloaded the app and scanned the QR Code, but the game is not loading?
In this situation, please check the following:
1. Data must be switched on! You will need a data connection either through a sim card or Wifi in order to load the game. If you do have a data connection, check the signal strength; in areas where signal strength is weak, the game may take longer to load. Be patient!
2. Google Maps: On Android phones, the App requires an up-to-date version of Google Maps so please ensure the latest version is installed as well as agreeing to the terms and conditions.
3. Try to input the Game Code (12 digit code located on the Live Game QR Code section) instead of scanning the QR Code.
4. Try “hard closing” and re-opening the app.
5. There might be a problem with the device itself and therefore we would recommend trying to play on another device.

What happens if my device runs out of battery?
You can avoid the device running out of battery by reducing the screen brightness or plugging into a portable charger. Alternatively, you can use the “Rejoin Pin” to continue your game on another device. Rejoin pin allows you to transfer your game mid-flow onto another device. You will be able to
continue where you finished off and all your points will automatically be transferred to the new device. The game must be fully loaded before the rejoin pin option appears. Simply access your Rejoin pin via the settings menu, ‘Show Rejoin Pin’. Enter this pin on the new device by tapping on the cog in the top right corner of the screen and enter rejoin pin. You can now continue to play the game on the new device!

I have reached the location of a padlocked hotspot icon but it will not unlock?
Please zoom in on the map to ensure you are in the right location. Make sure your GPS is turned on - your location will show as a dot on the map! If the hotspot still won’t unlock then please call us for support and we can remotely unlock the hotspot to release the challenges for you.

How much data will the game use?
The app is about 20-30MB in size and the game will be between 10-15MB to load depending on your chosen game location. During the game, your device will use approximately 25MB of data.


How long will I be playing the game for?
It is difficult to determine the exact duration of the game as there’s plenty to stop and see along the way! You can do as much or as little as you like, and come back to complete the game at a later date if you wish.

Where are my photos and videos?
All photos and videos taken during the event can be found in the usual photo folder/app on the device used to play the game.

Safety Information

This GPS Challenge has been risk assessed and is considered a low risk activity. However, all participants must be aware that they take part
at their own risk. Wildgoose accepts no responsibility or liability for any claim, loss, damage, injury or inconvenience whatsoever however sustained or caused as a result of playing this GPS Challenge. By taking part in the GPS Challenge, you and anyone accompanying you agrees to do so entirely at your own risk.

The following will help you to run a safe event:

  • Dress for comfort and for the weather.
  • Think about the participants. If you have a mixture of ages and
    abilities, pregnant women or those carrying injuries you may wish to plan a pit stop during the hunt.
  • Look out for traffic, be aware of your surroundings and cross roads safely.