January is already over and February has arrived. How is your training going for 2018?

This month our focus is on group or partner training. Training with a friend or family member is a great way to stay motivated.  Sticking to pre-planned training sessions with your buddy is proven to help you adhere to your training and therefore achieve your goals quicker!

If you are currently training on your own but think you could benefit from some motivation maybe TRY A CLASS! Our classes are friendly, motivating and planned to help you get the maximum from the time you have available.  If you need advice on class participation, please ask a fitness instructor.

Don’t forget, we run a 30 minute Functional Class at 07:30 every morning from Monday-Friday. It’s a great start to your day!


If you’re training in the gym during February please come and give our monthly challenge a go. How long can you hold a WALL SIT?  This is a tough, lower body challenge… get ready to feel the burn!

Finally, our muscle of the month is the Pectoralis Major. If you need some new tips on training your chest, please come and ask us.  Perhaps give our new plate-loaded, Pure Strength chest press a go as part of your chest workout.