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Better Gym Cannock welcomes Ivelina Malechkova as the newest member of the personal trainer team, Ivelina has been a regular user of the gym and is eager to get started and help as many members as possible achieve their targets.

“Hi, I am Ivelina a Personal Trainer at Better Gym Cannock.

 I love spending time in the gym. That is why I decided to become a personal trainer, my desire for health and wellness has also developed a passion for meeting new people and helping them to face the better version of themselves. As a qualified physiotherapist I can easily support people who haven’t tried working out in a gym before.

I will be with you every step of the way, you will be able to contact me at any time with any questions.

I have also been practicing yoga for 10 years. My knowledge in yoga will be helpful for you if you are wishing to improve your mental health as well as your posture, flexibility, as well as muscle strength and weight loss. If you get inspired please book your complementary training session by speaking to a member of team at the centre.”

To book your free PT session with Ivelina call on 07539294687