Overshoe(less) Forever! Coming from this November!

Chiltern Pools & Gym spends on average £1,750 on overshoes each year.

These are a single-use plastic and cannot be recycled. There is also very little evidence that these keep our changing rooms clean, especially when customers wear them around the centre and car park, then back in again.

So from November onwards we will be removing overshoes from our changing rooms.

Please help us by:

  • Removing your outdoor footwear before entering the changing rooms
  • Bring flip flops or a pair of pool shoes with you
  • Ensure your flip flops or pool shoes are clean before entering the changing rooms

Chiltern Pools & Gym will:

  1. Spend this month’s overshoes budget on a stock of pool shoes and flip flops for public to purchase.
  2. Ensure our staff are regularly checking and cleaning the floors whenever possible

Luke Askew – General Manager says:

"It is really important that everyone does their bit to help protect the environment and Better is willing to look at whatever changes we can make as an organisation". 

Chiltern Pools & Gym are now selling Beco V-Strap Pool shoes, Beco Aqua Shoes and Beco Slide Pool shoes in Reception for £4.95.