Better Gym Holloway boasts a high quality 70 station gym with state-of-the-art equipment. 

With a friendly and vibrant atmosphere we also provide changing room facilities.


Facility Resistance and Cables

Our wide range of resistance and cable equipment for each of the major muscle groups will help you sculpt, strengthen and tone. The equipment is easy to use and includes basic instructions of how to set it up.


Cardiovascular Equipment

Get your heart racing and your blood pumping with our wide range of cardio equipment. Our selection of  treadmills, bikes, rowing machines and varios will help you speed up the metabolic process and burn calories


Free Weights

Our dedicated free weights area offers a full range of equipment that will help you achieve all of your strength goals, along with balance and co-ordination.

Equipment includes:

  • 2 squat racks
  • 1 smith machine
  • 3 benches
  • 4 bench press machines
  • Dumbbells going up to 50kg