Brixton Recreation staff attempted to cycle a staggering 400km in a single day, which is almost the equivalent of cycling from London to Newcastle.

The day started bright and early with staff gathering at 6.30am ready to take on the days challenge. With enthusiasm high, the day began in the reception lobby with various members of staff ready to give their all in order to reach the impossible. A strong and determined start saw the team get off to a flyer with a large distance covered in the first few hours. With tiring legs the gravity of the challenge started to become evident. However through sheer determination, blood sweat and tears the team were able to push on with the challenge. At 10am General Manager, Darren Pope undertook his leg of the challenge, spurred on by the Silverfit Cheerleaders

Approaching the final few hours, with staff members on their last legs, one final push was required. Through sheer perseverance and resolve, the team were able to press ahead and complete the challenge in a gruelling 14 hours.

In all, 21 members of the Brixton team managed to make the distance of 400km, finishing at 8.35pm the same evening. A total of £490.87 was raised for Sport Relief, helping Brixton reach a total of £4,000 raised since January.

A truly magnificent achievement from all members of staff.