Our Swimming Pool

Clapham Leisure Centre offers the best swimming pool in Clapham.

Our Main Pool is 25 metres long and its depth varies from 0.9 metres in the shallow end to a 1.52 metres in the deep end. The pool floor is also adjustable so these depths may vary from session to session. 

During our public sessions, 2 lanes are always reserved for Adult lane swim only. Check our programme below for more information about Swimfit and Swim for All sessions.

A Teaching Pool is also available right next to the Main Pool with 0.9m depth and used to recreational purposes and for all families.

Click below to view our timetable and to find out more regarding our sessions.

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Help Us Keep Your Pool Clean

  • Shower thoroughly from ‘top to toe’ with soap before entering the pool to remove deodorant, cosmetics and perspiration
  • Use the toilet facilities before your swim and remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap
  • Babies should wear tight-fitting waterproof baby trunks whilst swimming rather than nappies
  • Please dispose of nappies, trunks and sanitary products in the bins provided
  • Do not swim if you have consumed a meal within the last two hours
  • Never swim if you have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs
  • Do not swim if you are currently suffering from a cold or flu
  • Do not swim if you have suffered from food poisoning or diarrhoea within the last 14 days