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Pool Rules

All sessions are operated under our Swim Safely Rules:

  1. Non-swimmers and under 8's must be accompanied by a competent adult swimmer.
  2. No more than 2 non-swimmers or under 8's with each competent swimmer.
  3. The competent adult swimmers must actively supervise under 8s and non-swimmers
  4. Non-swimmers must remain in shallow water and it is strongly recommended that they use floats and arm bands.
  5. A competent swimmer must be able to swin 25m on their front in a recognised stroke, unaided and without stopping.

Swimfit (Adults Only): Managed by ability with lanes

Public Swimming: General swimming for all those who meet Swim Safely Rules

Help Us Keep Your Pool Clean

  • Shower thoroughly from ‘top to toe’ with soap before entering the pool to remove deodorant, cosmetics and perspiration
  • Use the toilet facilities before your swim and remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap
  • Babies should wear tight-fitting waterproof baby trunks whilst swimming rather than nappies
  • Please dispose of nappies, trunks and sanitary products in the bins provided
  • Do not swim if you have consumed a meal within the last two hours
  • Never swim if you have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs
  • Do not swim if you are currently suffering from a cold or flu
  • Do not swim if you have suffered from food poisoning or diarrhoea within the last 14 days