Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to meeting your fitness goals, staying motivated is key. That’s why we’ll work just as hard as you at keeping you focused on your targets.

At Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre, our fully equipped 100 station gym is air-conditioned for your comfort and offers a range of Technogym fitness equipment including dedicated cardiovascular, resistance, free weights, X-Cube and a designated stretching zone.

As well as a gym induction, we run regular challenges based around current sporting events, as well as rewarding a “Member of the Month” for their effort and achievements.

We also have fitness instructors and Personal Trainers and offer re-focus sessions every six weeks. At Better, we’re all about helping everybody get fit and healthy.

So whatever your goals, Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre is the perfect place to meet them.

Gym Induction

The gym starts with a 1-2-1 induction with one of our trained Fitness Instructors, who will help tailor a bespoke gym experience based on your specific needs, as well as introducing you to the gym and different types of machines and equipment.

Our staff are keen to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise to help put you at ease when discussing your goals and planning your regular exercise routine. For the more experienced, you can opt out and get straight to it.

Our facilities are staffed, so you are never far from help and support if you need it. Just ask a Better Fitness Instructor on the gym floor, or a member of staff anywhere in the building. We are always happy to help.

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Re-focus Sessions

Joining a gym is a huge step for most of us. To help ensure you stick to your routine and meet your goals, we are here to help keep you on track with a re-focus session. 

Every six weeks we will offer you the opportunity to re-evaluate your progress with a Fitness Instructor and mix up your programme to keep challenging your body and stop your routine becomming stale.

The seesion is a good opportunity to assess what's going well, what could be improved, plus yourworkout preferences will all be taken into account to reinvigorate your Better Gym experience.  

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Let's Target Fitness Classes

People feel more motivated exercising with the support of small groups than on their own.

Our Fitness Instructors lead in Functional and Strength and Conditioning classes using a range of equipment and body weight exercises on the gym floor.

Book onto one of our Let's Target classes taking place in the gym

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Junior Gym and Adult and Junior Gym

As part of our new junior health & fitness membership we are now offering junior gym sessions.

These supervised sessions are a brilliant starting point for any child wishing to get fit and active in safe surroundings.

These sessions are aimed at children aged 11-15 years and are run 7 days a week so there's no excuse to miss a session.

We require all users to complete an induction with a member of the fitness team, where your child will be inducted into the safe use of the gyms equipment. From there, your child can attend any session they wish on a casual basis or they can take advantage of our junior health & fitness membership.

We also offer adult and junior gym sessions for those family moments where you can train together.

Our sessions at Streatham Ice & Leisure Centre run:

Junior Gym: Everyday 07.30-08.30 and 15.30-17.30

Adult and Junior Gym: Everyday 15.30-17.30

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