There's no better way to get back into shape after having a baby then CARiFiT.

CARiFiT, which stands for cardio and resistance interval training, is a unique fitness class which allows you to work out whilst 'wearing' your baby in a specially designed baby strap.

The 30 minute session focuses on restoring the core and tummy muscles, strengthening posture and trimming and toning key areas such as hips, legs, bottom, shoulders and arms.

Whether you're a beginner or used to regularly exercising, CARiFiT will challenge your body to change and adapt to the stresses and strains your new baby has placed on it. This is your chance get back into shape for the ultimate endurance event... parenthood!

Set to music designed to lift the mood and stimulate the baby's senses, it really has no equal for convenience, for bonding and for results!

The benefits to both mother and baby are enormous... physiological benefits aside, the mental health implications are incredibly positive, removing the isolation and upheaval commonly associated with new mums. Exercise wise the class ticks all the boxes, low impact and promoting good posture and alignment throughout the body.

Try this amazing new class now!*

Day: Monday       

Time: 12pm - 12.30pm

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*CARiFiT will be a bookable course as of 2016