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Date posted 13 May 2021

Swimming lessons are now back at Brixton Recreation Centre, Clapham Leisure Centre, West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre, Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre and Vauxhall Leisure Centre.

Following customer research and insight from our experience of running the UK’s largest Swim School, we have created a simpler set of classes for Juniors. Our programme focuses on a set of achievements linked to a set of skills and distances achieved which are natural and progressive milestones for every child to become the best swimmer possible. Our programmes cater for a wide range of age groups and abilities. .


SWIMBiES  (3 months – 3 years)

Bond with your baby and have fun in the water one milestone at a time with Better. Our baby swimming programme SWIMBiES is for babies and toddlers from three months to three years. As a parent, grandparent or guardians you join your little ones in the pool to share first splashes, laughs and fun, with time to share those little moments, as your child develops in the water. It's a fun, safe and calm environment, led by trained and qualified SWIMBiES Teachers who will be with you and your little one every step of the way. Our SWIMBiES programme takes babies from three months old to age three, preparing them for the next stage of their swimming journey and a lifetime of fun in the water. For more information visit our Swimbies page


Pre-school (3 – 4 years)

These lessons are for children aged  3 to 4years but due to our due to Covid safety guidelines adults are required to support their child in the water for this class.Our Pre School Lessons focus on developing water confidence, introducing the essential swimming skills to enable your child to become safe and confident independent swimmers, ready for their first Foundation class. Book your lesson here


Junior (4 years+)

Our swim programme focuses on a set of achievements linked to a set of skills and distances achieved which are natural and progressive milestones for every child to become the best swimmer possible.


  • Foundation – Suitable for children aged 4 years and over. We also offer specific Foundation classes for children 9 years and older as well as Teenage Foundation classes..Teaching pupils the essential swimming skills to ensure they learn to be safe in and around water. Learning the basic techniques for all 4 strokes, achieving 10 metres on Front Crawl and Backstroke by the end of their Green milestones.


  • Development  - Suitable for children who have completed the Foundation Class. Teaching pupils advanced swimming skills, developing their techniques on all 4 strokes to create efficient and effective swimmers. Lessons focus on a wide range of skills across all aquatic sports. Pupils will learn basic water survival and rescue skills as part of the milestone awards. Here we will also work with other partner clubs to assess each pupil's ability to progress in talent pathways.


  • Academy- Suitable for children who have completed the Development Class. Supporting and developing your child to achieve their own personal goals in the pool. Setting personal targets related to challenge award in fitness swimming, personal survival and junior lifesaving plus other aquatic sports. Here we will continue to work with other partner clubs to assess each pupil's ability to progress in talent pathways should they choose to.


Disability and 1-2- 1 swimming lessons

Everyone is welcome to learn how to swim at Better. Where possible we will look to integrate children with disabilities into our existing group lessons. Where it might not be suitable we offer 1-2-1 lessons to support children and adults to learn to swim. (Please note disability group lessons are not able to restart until 17th May inline with the government guidelines). For more information visit our swimming lessons page


Getting “pool ready”

Covid-secure measures have been put in place for pupils, parents and swimming teachers. This will include asking pupils to arrive at their lesson “pool ready” to minimise time spent in changing rooms, staggered arrival times and a one-way system to and from classes. Social distancing will be encouraged throughout the building, for teachers, pupils and any parent spectators – who will also be asked to wear facemasks while observing lessons.


Stay safe and swim

Lesson plans have been adapted to ensure social distancing between staff and pupils is maintained, games and activities involving close or actual contact will be avoided and all equipment will be cleaned before and after use. In addition, all our swimming teachers have received additional training around the new Covid-Secure protocols.


School Swimming Lessons for your children

Schools in Lambeth can also  now book our Intensive lesson programme which operates as a two week (10 day) programme of 60 minute lessons each day. The programme enables the full two-week period to focus on Water Safety where children build upon skills learnt each day to produce enhanced results with pupils developing more water confidence in a short space of time.  The repetition of skills over each day enables pupils to develop and master their Essential Swimming Skills to become safe in and around water, as well developing more effective swimming strokes.Intensive lessons will allow for minimal disruption to the final term of School compared to weekly lesson, as well as maximising active learning time in the water. Speak to your child’s school to see if they have signed up!


More information  - For more information see Better’s booking lessons pages