If your looking to lose stubborn baby weight, increase fitness levels, socialise and have fun, our Buggy-a-cise sessions are for you. Sessions are designed for mums, dad's and carers - there’s no need to worry about childcare in this class as your child and their buggy are part of the workout.

Buggy-a-cise includes a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training, with particular emphasis on strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, making sure that all exercises are suitable for new Mums.

By incorporating a variety of fitness methods, from core stability to resistance training you will tone muscles, improve posture, regain energy and confidence whilst keeping your baby happy and entertained.

All fitness levels are welcome - No one will ever leave class feeling under-challenged or overwhelmed.

All sessions are conducted by instructors with pre and post-natal qualifications so you can be confident that the programme takes into account the changes that take place in a new mum's body pre and post having a baby.

Recommend age range for babies: 12 weeks – 1 and half years old.

Please consult your doctor before taking part in exercise if you have experienced any health complications after giving birth.

Class are held every Friday 9:30 - 10:30am