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Increased Balance and Stability

A huge benefit is to engage your abdominals to strengthen your overall body. Since the core is the key to all other movements, strengthening it can increase your bodies overall balance and stability. This is not only good for athletes but good for everyone. Increasing your balance and stability will make your daily tasks become easier.

Helps Prevent Injuries

Having stronger muscular walls will help you avoid some of those painful injuries that you may have sustained. Exercising your core regularly will make it denser, therefor allowing your core to sustain greater impact from objects and make you less prone to injury during physical activity.

Back Pain, Gone

Back pain is something that many people suffer from, particularly pain generated from the lumbar area of the spin. The reason may be due to weak abdominals. People with Lordosis suffer from this the most. As you improve your body’s core strength it will provide your lower back with support from the abdominals and relieve any pressure on the spin, thus reducing pain and stress in the area.

Tip: If you spend a lot of time in an office chair, try switching to a stability ball. This will help to engage your core muscles while you are sitting.

Improved Posture

Training core muscles regularly can improve posture as your body will be more stable and stronger. Everyone has different posture conditions that are cause by weak and tight muscles, this is due to over compensation as other muscles are working harder and have more pressure on them, therefore causing abnormalities in the muscular skeletal system. Training core will help minimise that.

Speak to a member of the fitness team today to find out what core exercised will suit you.