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There's so many reasons why it's great to train with a friend, here's a few:

It’s more fun: Nothing like a healthy bit of competition to impact the positive outcomes of your sessions. It does not have to be life or death competition but enough to improve the intensity and create a bit of fun. If you look forward to the sessions, you are far more likely to stick to them and adhere to any coherent structure! Training can be a solitary and at times often lonely business. If you struggle with this, theres a chance you will not continue training. Having a partner makes it more enjoyable and can motivate you to try new things you may not have tried on your own before.

Reach and exceed your goals: Accountability is massive when considering reaching your health and fitness goals. Whether it’s a shared motivation or individual, the knowledge that you each depend on each other to reach those goals will help you overcome those days when you just don’t feel like it! Even if you don’t have a training partner you can still get the benefits from attending fitness classes or have a refocus session in the gym with our friendly gym instructors.

Helps Keep Your Form Correct: When lifting weights it is very important to maintain proper form otherwise you run the risk of injury. Holding the proper posture can be difficult so having an extra set of eyes with you is very helpful.  It is very useful l to have someone there to tell you to flatten your back, open your back up more, breathe, or make sure your knee is in line with your ankle.