We offer you:

Total inductions - 1 hour dedicated to you and you only. For all the gym users, experienced or inexperienced, our fitness instructors will create a programme based on your needs and goals.  The Beacon Sports Centre fitness team are here to help, whether its showing you how to use the gym equipment or showing you all the excercises related to what you want to achieve.

Basic inductions - 30 minute one to one sessions with a fitness instructor for experienced users that will help refresh your memory regarding the latest techniques and exercises.

Refocus sessions - These are 30 minute sessions with one of our fitness instructors that is focused on what you achieved since your first induction and to set up new goals and targets for the future. 


With a Better Gym membership customers can take part in our Let's Target gym based classes lead by our highly qualified Fitness Instructors.

These classes are just 30 minutes long and our designed to help you target specific parts of your body. 

Let's Target classes aim to help improve your strength, cardiovascular endurance and functional fitness. 

Our Let's Target classes include:



Stamina and Endurance

Strength and Conditioning