In partnership with South Bucks GSF athlete Max Tulloch, a charity fun run was held at Max's school on the 16th November

Max did a presentation at the school assembly to raise awareness of SportsAid prior to the run and with all his enthusiasm managed to raise a total of £1044.

An article is currently being published by SportsAid itself and they interviewed the Head of PE at Max's school:

1. Why did you decide to support SportsAid?

Mrs Tulloch asked whether it would be possible to support SportsAid during sports week as Maximilian Tulloch has been sponsored by them since 2016. She wanted to contribute to SportsAid so that other children were given similar opportunities.
2. How did your fundraising activity go and what did the pupils get up to exactly?

The fund raising was held on Friday 16 November and the weather was grey and overcast. We had the children running three laps of the field which equates to a mile for a pound. It was a non-uniform day as children turned up in their own pe kit and staff could also dress up as a famous sporting athletes, which they did! The children ran at lunch whilst listening to chariots of fire.
3. How easy was it to organise the event and engage the pupils?

It was fun to coordinate. Two days before Maximilian and myself addressed an assembly both for the junior and senior parts of the school on SportsAid to encourage the children to take part in raising funds whilst having fun and understanding what it was all about.

4. Did the pupils have fun taking part and what did they learn about the charity?

Yes all children and staff enjoyed it and have learnt how this national charity helps young British sportsmen and women aspire to being the next country’s next Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth and World champions.

5. How important do you think it is to support the next generation of British athletes?

I think it’s very important to support the next generation of British athletes so Britain is competitive in the sporting world now and into the future.

6. How important is it to promote positive sporting role models to pupils?

It very important as it gives children an understanding over what is needed to become a key athlete - routine, time management, dedication and of course determination