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David’s fitness journey in Swindon started at the county ground gym but when that closed 5 years ago he was given no option but to find somewhere else to train. David decided to become a member of Better, originally he attended the Masters Circuits class in the sports hall at the Link Centre, but since the Trampoline Park has been built David mainly uses the Oasis Leisure Centre to keep himself healthy and active.

On a normal week David used to use the Oasis 4 times a week, taking part in two masters’ circuit classes on a Tuesday (10:15 – 11:15) and Thursday (10:00 – 11:00) and doing two of his own sessions in the gym.

Earlier in the year, David suffered from a stroke at home and is currently trying to build his fitness levels back up to what they were before. A few months after the stroke occurred David started using the facility again for once a week for 30 minutes in the gym; after a couple of sessions he then increased this to 45 minutes and within no time at all he was back doing his two, one-hour gym sessions a week. David was not going to let his stroke stop him from attending the classes that he loves. For the first couple of sessions David eased himself back into it by attending the second 30 minutes of each class. Slowly over time David has been able to build himself back up, so that now he attends his two older adult’s circuit’s classes a week as well as still doing his 2 gym sessions.

David says the mixture of gym sessions and classes is a good balance and helps to keep him fit and active. The main reason David started using the Better Leisure Centre’s is because he suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and has been told by his doctors that if he stops exercising his conditioning could get worse.

On top of the physical benefits that using the facilities give David he also says that since taking part in the classes and attending the gym he has made lots of friends and enjoys catching up with them every week.

David’s journey has been an interesting one and one that we wanted to share. Despite everything that David has been through he continues to turn up to the classes each week with a smile on his face laughing and joking with the instructors and his friends.