Please see below a testimonial from Pam.O and how the Generations Gains project has improved her wellbeing and social life.

1)    How did you find out about the Friday Haydon 50+ Circuit 10.00am-11.00am session?
From taking part in the Otago Haydon session and the Senior Chair Exercise session. Wendy and Tyler from Better explained about the Older Circuits.

2)    How has it benefited you?
Helping me with keeping fit, maintaining my balance strength and improving my flexibility.

3)    What is the highlight of this session?
I like everything in the session as it is helping me to keep active.

4)    What made you want to join this session?
To keep improving my fitness.

5)    What is it like interacting with young people?
They make it more interesting, and they join in the session.

6)    Has this changed your lifestyle? If so how?
These sessions have helped me to keep fit and active but also I have made new friendships. 

Better Generation Gains team are delivering the following activities for Swindon residents that are 65 years plus
Senior Club Activities include strength and balance exercises to help you feel more competent on your feet. In the sessions we use fun and inclusive activities for all.

MondayLink Centre
Time – 2.00pm – 3.15pm
ThursdayLink Centre
Time – 2.00pm – 3.15pm
FridayHaydon Centre and Gym
Time – 11.30am – 12.45pm
Cost - £2.50 per session (tea and coffee provided at the end of the session)

This session is the first of many that will focus on activities to engage with members of the community that are 65+, keeping them active and independent for longer regardless of their personal circumstances.
Better are working in partnership with and funded by the Zurich Community Trust, ‘Generation Gains’ is a two-year inter-generational pilot programme which is being evaluated by Bath University. The programme will allow candidates to ‘earn while they learn’ gaining qualifications in health and fitness, leisure operations and sport coaching, as well as acquiring skills to engage with the local community.
Please contact the team for more information emailing GenerationGains@GLL.ORG
Call 07928105663 or 07711953622