Telford Tennis Centre recently supplied a large amount of Tennis balls to the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, we were more than happy to provide these, for such a great and worthy cause. Tennis balls are brilliant for dogs to play/exercise with and being a Tennis Centre, we certainly have plenty to offer!

Here's what the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury had to say:

"The dogs at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the huge bag of tennis balls that had been served up by Telford Tennis Centre. The dogs need plenty of balls and other toys to keep them occupied and stimulated, so this gift made their day and they feel honoured to have been the lucky recipients. Thanks to Telford Tennis Centre for your kind and thoughtful donation."

This is what 'BETTER' is all about, enriching local communities/organisations in any way possible!

We are very pleased to hear the balls went down well with all the Dogs and hope they have plenty fun with them!

The 'BETTER' Tennis Telford Team