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At Better, in line with Government guidance, we are looking to open as many of our pools in as many locations as we can as part of the phased reopening of our  leisure offer for customers. 

Working all of the main muscles in the body, swiming is one of the best forms of exercise. You can go swimming at any time of year, anyone of any age can do it and it’s the only sport that saves lives.

The supportive and soothing effects of the water and the release of endorphins when swimming have also been said to have physical and mental health benefits - like reducing joint pain, stress and anxiety levels.

When you join your local Better pool, you don’t just get a swim – you get a ticket to the heart of local community. Whatever type of swimmer you are,  you’ll find a community of enthusiasts and a very warm welcome.

What's more, when you book a Swim for Family Session you can bring two competent child swimmers for free.

Because we are a social enterprise, your membership fees support the health and wellbeing of local communities because every penny profit is re-invested into sports development, activity programmes and concessions – raising community social value and creating a huge impact.

Whether it’s reducing social isolation, providing an affordable and accessible exercise alternative or supporting your mental wellbeing – swimming has it all.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the pool soon.


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