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Mablethorpe Library has joined forces with The Reading Agency to encourage children to get hooked on books by taking part in the annual Summer Reading Challenge.

Co-ordinated by The Reading Agency, the Summer Reading Challenge is the UK’s biggest library-run reading event and, each year, thousands of children countrywide take part. The Reading Agency and Lincolnshire Libraries are excited to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing to bring you the Space Chase summer Reading Challenge 2019.

The mission is to read six books during the school holidays. Children of all ages are invited to take part and they can read anything they like – fact books, stories, joke books or picture books. There are no rules!

Every child joining the challenge will receive a membership pack and, on completion, a special certificate.  Every child joining the challenge will receive a membership pack and, on completion, a special certificate.  The children will be introduced to the Rockets, a futuristic family living in space. They are on the trail of Aliens! The Aliens are jumping from galaxy to galaxy helping themselves to whatever they like. Now books have started to disappear from the Moon Library and the Rockets are on the case. The children will help the Rockets solve clues, dodge black holes and shooting stars collect stickers and have lots of fun and adventures along the way. Let the Space Chase begin!

The team at Mablethorpe Library have been busy planning a host of space-related activities, listed below, to encourage children to join up, take part and have fun this summer in the library.





12th September           4.00pm-5.00pm          Celebration Event – certificate presentation and Treasure Hunt





Thursday 25th July        2.30pm-3.30pm             Make the Moon and Spaceman    

Tuesday 30th July         11.00am-12 noon          Make an Alien

Monday 5th August       11.00am-12 noon          Recycled Rockets

Thursday 15th August   2.30pm-3.30pm             Space Invaders

Thursday 22nd August  2.30pm-3.30pm             Lego Lunar Landscape and Space Rocks!

Thursday 29th August   2.30pm-3.30pm             Moon Walk and Sparkly Stars



Kathryn, Library Manager at Mablethorpe Library for GLL said:


“We’re on the countdown for the take off of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.  The theme ‘Space Chase’ coincides with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. The characters in the Summer Reading Challenge this year are great fun, come and meet Nana Whiz and the crew of the alien’s spaceship. Library teams have planned some great spacy crafts and events to inspire children to participate in this Space Chase adventure.


The Summer Reading Challenge is a great way to help get children hooked on reading and develop a life long love of books. It’s been proved to help prevent the trend for children’s reading skills to dip over the holidays by supporting their learning in a fun way. It’s free entertainment too, so what’s not to love?”

To find out more pop into the library and ask a member of staff or email the team on mablethorpe.library@gll.org