Skegness Library staff , volunteers and library users have something to shout about!

Here at Skegness we have been running a job Club on a Monday afternoon from 2pm-4pm to help people find work, access the latest vacancies in the area, recognise their skills and to put together a good C.V and covering letter and to help them with the application process on our library public computers. We have only been running this for about 6 weeks and we have had 10 to 14 individuals seeking help at each session. We are really pleased at how well the club has been going and the people attending have been over the moon with the results. So far we have had 6 people who have gained employment after coming along to the library and with our help they have gained the skills and confidence to go out their and get a job. Many had little or no idea how to put together a C.V and were very nervous about applying for jobs online, once we helped them to set up email addresses and recognise the skills they had to offer there was no stopping them!

One lady said yesterday that she was sad that she wouldn't be coming to the club anymore but thrilled that she had got a job! One man got a job in KFC, another as a carer, one lady a dental assistant, another in customer service and another as a one to one assistant.

Claire our volunteer put's together her own list of local vacancies every week and the local job centre even put her list up and send people along to us, with help from a staff member every Monday we help identify their needs and see in which way we can best help them in the time we have.

We have noticed amongst some of the Job Club members a lack of computer knowledge and skills  as there is little on offer in our area, especially for people getting back into work after long periods of unemployment, so we are currently looking at expanding some of the activities we offer to put on some basic computer skills classes to fill the gap! Other great news is that we have joined many of the people who have come to job club to the library also.