Date posted 07 Oct 2021

Libraries Week is taking place in all libraries in the United Kingdom from the 4th -10th October.

This year’s theme is 'Welcome to the Library/Changing Lives' and the Children’s Team from Bromley Libraries have written and produced a special and traditional puppet show with a library twist.

The title of the play is ‘Little Red Goes to the Library’ and it is about Little Red Riding Hood needing some help and directions to find her grandmother’s cottage. Luckily the public library and the friendly librarian are a stone throw away and able to help.

The show is very interactive and introduces children to the value of libraries, reading and books as well as welcoming everyone to the library. 

The puppet show was performed for Sunnyfield Day Nursery at Orpington Library on Wednesday 6th Oct and will also be shown on Bromley Libraries Facebook Page on Saturday 9th October at