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Get fresh motivation and better results, with a re-focus session

Keeping your workout varied is the secret to getting results. Best way to do this? Book a re-focus session with one of our fitness instructors at your local Better leisure centre.


Why a re-focus session?


When you exercise and workout, your body starts to get used to the routine. The results you see in the first few weeks of a training programme can begin to plateau, which in turn can dent your motivation.

That’s why we encourage all Better members to book a re-focus session with a Fitness Instructor (FI) at your Home Centre every 6 weeks.

Re-focus sessions are a great way for you and your Fitness Instructor to communicate away from the hubbub of the gym floor and make sure you are getting the most from your workouts.

What does a Re-Focus session involve?

A session lasts around an hour, in which time you’ll have a health check and good chat with your Fitness Instructor about how you are finding your current fitness programme and goals.

Your FI will get your feedback on which aspects of your training you prefer, discover what’s working for you, and discuss anything you want to incorporate into your new fitness programme.

Then the FI will take you onto the gym floor to demonstrate your new programme and any equipment you’ll be using.


Better Fitness Instructor Keith Regisford explains:


"Re-focus sessions are a fantastic opportunity for members to regularly refresh their workout programmes, set new goals, and find fresh motivation and energy".

"Typically, members will get a brand new programme that targets different muscle groups, incorporates different equipment and sets each member up for making more progress and staying motivated. Your new programme can include group classes and activity outside the gym". "The focus is always on fun and achievement".

Time to book your re-focus session?

Booking a re-focus session every 6 weeks will really help you to get the max from your gym experience. Re-focus sessions are free for Better Health and Fitness, Better Health and Fitness UK and Better Gym members. To book a session just speak to a Fitness Instructor on the gym floor, or you can book an appointment at your Home Centre reception.

Refocus sessions are only available on Better Health and Fitness / UK memberships and may be chargeable on other membership types. Please ask a member of staff for details.