Tennis Tuesdays

Tennis Tuesdays is an initiative run by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Nike, aiming to inspire more women across the country to pick up a racket and hit their local court. Each session has a theme; from learning to rally consistently to working with a friend on doubles tactics and is set in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Now in its third year, Tennis Tuesdays is a fantastic way for you to socialise with friends, get regular exercise and play a great sport that is sociable, fun, accessible to all abilities, and an excellent way to keep fit.

Where can I play?

As an official partner of the LTA and the largest provider of public tennis courts in the UK, Better hosts Tennis Tuesdays sessions across a whole range of centres and public spaces.

If you'd like to come and see what Tennis Tuesdays is all about check out the venues that host Tennis Tuesdays sessions from the list below.

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Ferndale Community Leisure Centre

Highbury Fields

Hornfair Park

Islington Tennis Centre

Mile End Leisure Centre

Queensmead Leisure Centre

Ridgeway Park Tennis Hub

Rosemary Gardens

Shoreditch Park