To celebrate World Health Day on April 7th any of our members can bring a friend to the gym for free on Friday 7th April, Saturday 8th April and Sunday 9th April. All you have to do is fill out your free guest pass at reception and accompany your friend whilst they work out.

Each year the World Health Organisation designates a health issue that they would like to draw global attention to and this year’s campaign is “Depression: let’s talk”. The WHO website claims that “depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide”. Regular exercise can help ease mild to moderate depression by releasing ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain so working out regularly is good for both body and mind.

Training with a partner can help you stick to your routine, keep you motivated and is more fun than working out on your own; so whether your best friend is a couch potato, an exercise fanatic or could just do with getting those endorphins flowing, bring them down to the centre this weekend for their free trial.

This month we are also offering a great insentive for new member sign ups where you can get your first month half price in our April sale!  Find out more below.

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