Printed Date: 01/12/2015

About Better

We created Better to be GLL’s customer-facing brand. Better and GLL have a similar look and feel, but there are a few differences in how they look and behave, and the ways we use them.

We needed Better because GLL is strongly linked with London and leisure centres, and didn’t mean much to our customers. In fact, not many of them even knew who ran their local centre. We needed a brand that could help us attract members from across the community, and explain what we have to offer. A strong brand also helps give us direction: Better gives focus to what we do, where we’re going, and what we offer our customers.  

What do we do?

We promote healthy and active lifestyles, giving communities access to facilities that help improve their health and happiness. It could be gyms, libraries, playgrounds, even huge, world-class venues: we have a great variety.

But we also provide more than access. As a charitable social enterprise, we invest in our communities. And it’s not just money: we also invest time and effort in encouraging everyone to take advantage of our services.

Any surplus money is reinvested into making those services even better, either by training our people or upgrading our facilities.

Where are we heading?

We want to help more people, in more communities, feel better. We’re adding services and spaces all the time, and expanding into new parts of the country. We’re also exploring new ways to improve our facilities for members and communities.

We intend to carry on making day-to-day life in our communities even better.


Our customer commitments

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to you is the driving force behind our Better brand. We want to get it right every time you ask us a question or visit our facilities. We believe you have the right to know what level of service you can expect from us at any time.

We are striving to provide an excellent service but in the meantime, getting more consistent at what we do for you is our goal. When we get it wrong we want to hear from you so we can deal with your concerns and do it right the next time. We have split the customer service commitments into pledges that we believe encapsulate our service.

Better access to leisure centres
Better value
Better service
Better quality
Better sport and inclusion
Better and greener
Better staff
Better health
Better feedback and information



Better access to leisure centres

We understand when you are enjoying your leisure time, you want to make the most of every second. To help speed up service at our centres (and to minimise queues at busy periods) we encourage customers to prepare for their visit.

  • Have staff on hand in our reception areas to help you with any aspect of your visit during opening hours
  • Make group exercise classes, courts and crèche sessions bookable online, or at reception 6 days in advance from 7am in the morning (clubs and societies can organise longer term bookings by contacting the General Manager).
  • Make as many of our memberships, products and services available to purchase can online at
  • We will continue to invest in technology to simplify our booking and entry process and improve your online experience.

Larger centres:

  • Allow you to move through reception yourself via self-service kiosks
  • Provide self service information desks near reception, giving you access to information and the ability to purchase sports courses, memberships and book sessions.
  • Wi-Fi is being installed so you can stay connected

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Better value

As a charitable social enterprise, the health and happiness of our customers is very important to us. We believe everyone in the community should be able to enjoy the many and varied benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. We do this by providing a variety of sport, leisure and fitness facilities at a range of prices to suit every budget.

  • Allow everyone to use our facilities, you don’t have to be a member
  • Have a ‘Pay and Play’ pricing option for customers who only want to access our facilities occasionally
  • Offer a range of pre-paid memberships (e.g. gym only, swim only), and all inclusive (gym, swim, group exercise classes and racquet sports) giving better value for money for your money
  • Offer memberships that gives access to all of the Leisure Centres in the company portfolio
  • We will always discuss with you the most appropriate membership for your needs
  • Conduct a full analysis (either online, or face to face), to ensure we recommend the most appropriate membership option that suits your individual needs.

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Better service

We plan our programme carefully but, sometimes, your preferred activity will be fully booked, or certain areas of our facilities may be reserved for specific community use.

  • Ensure our website and customer information boards clearly display accurate and up to date information on all general admission, and bookable courses or activities
  • Ensure everyone has a fair chance to reserve a place for all bookable activities by making group exercise classes, courts and crèche sessions bookable online, or at reception 6 days in advance from 7.00am
  • Run a selection of sessions to attract hard to reach community groups
  • If there is a restricted session (e.g. women only gym), we will do our best to offer you an alternative activity, or ensure availability programme at a nearby leisure centre
  • Try to limit any late or last minute programme changes which affect your visit. But occasionally, unforeseen events beyond our control result in changes to our programme. If this happens, we will do our best to contact you to try and provide an alternative activity, or arrange a credit or refund
  • If you want to talk to us our Duty Manager is always available during opening hours You can contact us via the customer website our Contact Centre is open from 7am-10pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm at weekend.           

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Better quality

Being a charitable Social Enterprise is one of the key things that makes us different from the rest. Naturally, we have a strong focus on quality, but it’s what we do with the surplus that really makes us different.

  • Provide good quality facilities, that are clean, well maintained, safe, and ready for your enjoyment and use
  • Maintain and improve our facilities with an ongoing programme of refurbishment and introduction of new products and services
  • Invest in and maintain modern equipment to help you get the most out of your leisure time
  • Embrace technology and innovation across our product range to ensure customers can make the most of their local leisure centres
  • Reinvest all surpluses back into the services, refurbishing our leisure centres, upgrading the products, investing in community projects or training our staff, we won’t take a penny. Ever.

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Better sport and inclusion

There is much more to your local leisure centre than a swim or a session in the gym. Sport can have a positive influence in the community

  • Provide a range of sporting opportunities for local communities by delivering inspirational programmes, campaigns and events, in all of our facilities –from the smallest community Centre local community centre, through to the iconic Olympic venues
  • During the next few years our focus sports are athletics, basketball, gymnastics, football, swimming and badminton
  • Continue to foster young sporting talent and established athletes through our sports foundation,
  • Our centres are all different so please ask a member of staff about the adaptions that we have made in your centre and we will assist you if you have any specific requirements
  • Inclusive and accessible designs are at the heart of planning for the new venues, and all programmes are designed to accommodate diverse groups in the local community.

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Better and greener

Energy & Environment

As a leading social enterprise, we’re active in the challenge against climate change and we know how important it is to work with our partners to manage our impact on the environment.

Energy and water are vital for the delivery of our services and represent a significant proportion of our operating costs. Climate change, potential water shortages and rapidly rising energy costs make it even more important for us to increase our sustainability through controlling resource consumption and reducing waste.

The GLL Board commits to ensuring that appropriate approaches to environmental management are developed and maintained and that sufficient resources are made available to achieve the objectives of Energy and Environmental Policy and Strategy.

Green Achievements

Since the introduction and implementation of an environmental policy and strategy GLL has had a number of achievements including reductions in energy and water use as well as improving environmental sustainability.

Key achievements include:

GLL became a Carbon Trust Standard bearer in 2010 following carbon savings of 1.8% 2007-2009

GLL completed a successful recertification of the Carbon Trust Standard in 2012 and 2014 with a further 7.5% reduction in emissions up to 2014

Over £1m of investment in energy saving technologies

GLL continue to strive with green Investments, in 2014 & 2015 we completed numerous projects, installing Combined Heat and Power units, pool covers, Variable Speed Drives, LED and high efficiency lighting in various leisure centres. In addition renewable energy installations have been added to a number of partnerships including solar panels and air source heat pumps generating electricity and heat for our facilities.

Every leisure centre has its own Energy Champion driving the environmental agenda and delivering strategic and local action plans

An Environmental Management System has been maintained and certified to international standard ISO14001:2004 in 3 partnerships.

Waste & recycling policy and strategy implemented with initiatives are either planned and on going in all our partnerships

Energy Champion & staff training completed for over 500 key staff over the last five years

Renewable energy pilot completed at Middlegate Gate House (Solar PV) along with a number of centre based installations

Energy and Environment recognised as a key element of the "Better Communities" Pillar

Combined heat and power units (CHP) have been installed and refurbished at 4 Leisure Centres in 2013/14 generating electricity locally and reducing carbon emissions by over 300 t/CO2 each year

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Better staff

Our staff will always be friendly and approachable. Centre teams will look after your needs and ensure you have an enjoyable visit.

All staff will be knowledgeable, they’ll receive extensive training to prepare them for present and future roles. We make a difference in our communities by improving career prospects through employment and training opportunities.

Where possible our teams will understand and represent your local community. Take a look at how being part of a Charitable Social Enterprise makes a difference by working for us.


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Better health

We are passionate about improving the health of people in communities and recognise that we are all different in the challenges that we face.

  • Work with customers to ensure they reach their goals, by providing a full and varied programme of activities
  • Encourage everyone in the community to stay active by participating in 5 x 30 minutes of exercise per week (whether walking, gardening, sport or fitness)
  • Ensure those who are returning to exercise, can access introductory schemes to ease themselves back into a healthier lifestyle
  • We will keep you motivated by running "re-focus" sessions, "you just need to ask"
  • Wherever possible, ensure that our sports and fitness equipment is provided with accessibility and inclusion in mind
  • Subject to funding, run targeted Healthwise schemes to help people with health conditions where physical activity may improve their overall wellbeing.

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Better feedback and information

We want all the information we provide you to be accurate. As a worker-owned charitable Social Enterprise, we want to be completely transparent and honest and your feedback matters. We appreciate all comments (good or bad), and if we get something wrong, let us know and we will do what we can to make it better.

Offer a number of ways to get in touch:

  • In person: Our Duty Management team are available during opening hours
  • Email our Customer Service team
  • Mail: Customer Services, Better, Middlegate House, 1 Seymour Street, London SE18 6SX

Ensure all customer communication's are written in plain English. When dealing with customers who don’t speak English as a first language, we’ll offer translated materials, or links to free online translation services

Ensure our programme is kept up to date, and publish any alterations (such as opening hours, prices, programmes changes, etc.), on the website as soon as we are aware of them

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