Why choose a Better Health membership?

We’re working in partnership with the Better Health campaign to help kickstart your health! Choose a Better Health membership to make the most of a healthier lifestyle with inclusive access to our gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes, plus discounts on a range of other activities. What's more, all adult Better Health memberships include access to Better at Home, our 6-week Give it a Go programme and the Better Health library. 

We have a range of options available, so you can find one that's right for you.  For added flexibility you can pay monthly by direct debit, or pay annually and receive 2 months for free. 

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Better Health (Area or Centre)

Choose a Better Health membership in your local area or individual leisure centre to get any time access to our gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes, and much more. If you fancy, indulge in a little 'me time' following a workout whenever you choose with our Better Health plus Spa membership. Or get your skates on with the Better Health plus Ice membership.

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Better Health UK

Enjoy the best of over 200 Better centres across the UK. You’ll have access to every gym, swimming pool, fitness class, and racquet sports without any extra cost. It's ideal for anyone who works or travels across the country on a regular basis. If you want to take your membership even further, check out our Better Health UK plus Spa and Better Health UK plus Ice memberships! 

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Better Health Saver (Off Peak)

Choose a Better Health Saver membership to get off peak access to the gym, swimming pools and fitness classes in your local leisure centre. Choose Better Health membership if you prefer to access the facilities at any time. 

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Better Health Senior

Better Health Senior membership is open to anyone 66 and over. You'll have access to your local Better leisure centre, where you can take part in a range of fitness activities, including gym, swimming, fitness classes and senior clubs.

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Better Health Junior

Better Health Junior Offers access to every swimming pool, junior gym and junior fitness class in their local area as well as discounts on other junior activities, youngsters can get off to a great start and burn some energy.

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Other membership options


If you're a student, why not take advantage of our student memberships? Not only will you get access to all Better centres or just within your chosen area, but you'll also find a range of flexible memberships and ways to pay. 

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If you're eligible for a concessionary membership, you'll be able to access centres in your local area at a discounted rate. From the gym and swimming pools to fitness classes, make use of our free personalised exercise programme to help you stay motivated. If you're a Belfast resident, click here to find out more.

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Inclusive UK

Our Inclusive UK membership is designed for people who are registered as disabled and offers full access to our gyms, pools and fitness classes at over 200 locations across the UK. Our centres offer a welcoming environment and opportunities to discuss your personal requirements with our fully-trained staff. 

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Discover a range of packages tailored to suit our corporate clients. We can work with your company to develop strategies that support the physical, financial and emotional wellbeing of your employees, so everyone can enjoy better health.

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