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Get Active with Better Fitness Classes

From Cardio classes that will get your heart pumping to Mind and Body classes to help you relax, you’ll find a wide range of fitness classes at Better.

Staying motivated can always be a challenge, but with a wide variety of group fitness classes available across our Better leisure centres you'll find the perfect way to keep active and have fun.

Whatever you are looking to achieve we have classes for the whole community, including senior and beginner exercise classes for people who may be less confident in the gym.

Our workout classes are grouped into key categories below, which can help you to identify the right classes for you.

Whether you want to try Yoga, Circuit Training, or Aqua aerobics, you’ll find a class to suit you at Better. 

Mind and Body

Feel better inside and out with our Mind and Body group fitness classes. Build your strength and flexibility in our lower-impact classes like Pilates, and feel revived and relaxed with our mindfulness-focused sessions, such as Yoga.

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Strength and Conditioning

Build muscle and feel better with our Strength and Conditioning classes. Choose from loads of great, motivational group exercise classes like Legs Bums and Tums and Circuit Training that’ll help you strengthen and condition your whole body.

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Get your heart pumping with our fast-paced, high-energy Cardio classes. Spanning HIIT, Group Cycle, Aqua Aerobics and much more, these group fitness classes are a great way to stay healthy and have fun while doing it.

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Get fit and feel great with our selection of Dance classes. From Zumba to Social Dance, these group exercise classes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and help you stay active.

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Our basics class

Whatever your level of fitness, everyone is welcome at one of our fitness classes. Our Basics classes are designed for seniors, beginners, juniors or those wanting to get back to fitness after a break, people referred by their GP and more. 

Adult Basic Classes

From HIIT and Aqua Aerobics to Pilates and Dance Fitness, these classes for those aged 16 and above combine lower intensity with simpler movements to  help you build confidence and the foundations to get moving.  

Mind and Body BasicsDance BasicsCardio BasicsStrength and Conditioning Basics

Junior Classes

Our junior classes are tailored specifically for 11-17 year olds. They feature a mix of classes for teenagers who want to give everything a go. 

Junior Strength & Conditioning | Junior Mind & Body | Junior Cardio | Junior Dance

Benefits of Fitness Classes

Join a fitness class and you'll reap the following benefits:

  • Improve your coordination - improve your coordination over time with regular workouts and fitness classes.
  • Workout your whole body – Our classes work out different areas of your body, helping you to improve your stamina, heart health, balance, agility and more.
  • Maintain bone health - Strength and Conditioning classes that involve weight-bearing exercises like squats, lunges and jumping jacks can help keep your bones strong, especially later in life.
  • Maintain a healthy weightBy exercising regularly at a Better fitness class, getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet, you can maintain and even begin to lose weight.
  • Join a community – Work towards shared goals with the people you meet and become part of a community at our group exercise classes.

Find fitness classes near you 

What do our customers have to say?

“I’ve made a few friends in different classes here. It’s always fun, everyone’s always smiling and really happy. I like to bring my friends to classes as well to show them what I’ve been doing when they can’t get through to me on a Monday night.” -  Kimberley, a Better Member

Frequently asked questions

Fitness Class Booking and Payment

How can I book a class?

We encourage all customers to book online in advance to avoid disappointment. To book, you can select your venue here as well the class you require, then follow the instructions to finalise the booking.

Do I have to be a member to book a class?

No, you don’t have to be a member to join a fitness class. However, you will need to make a free online account with us in order to make and complete the booking.

Visit the booking site or Better UK app and select 'create an account', or visit our video guides to booking to learn how to create a free online account as a non-member.

How much are the fitness classes?

If you are a member, then some fitness classes are included in your monthly membership fee. Fitness classes not included in your membership may be available at a discounted price.

If you are not a member, you can find the price of each class listed on the booking page or Better UK app once you have selected your preferred leisure venue and the type of class you want.

Can I attend a class without booking online and pay at the centre?

Customers are encouraged to book online to guarantee their activity date and time as it’s not guaranteed a space will be available for anyone that hasn’t pre-booked.

What happens if I fail to cancel or attend my fitness class?

For members, a £3 no show charge will be automatically applied to your account if you do not show up to a class that you booked on to. A charge will also be applied if you fail to cancel your class within the four hour period prior to the class starting.

This will also be applied if you do not scan your membership card on arrival, as the system will have no way of knowing you attended. The charge can be paid online or at the leisure centre at your convenience. You will not be able to make any more bookings until it is paid.

If non-members cancel prior to the four hour booking period their account will be credited with the monies paid, that they can use when booking future activities

How do I know what level class to book?

We offer a range of fitness classes and our passionate instructors will offer modifications, so you can still take part if you’re a beginner at a pace that feels right to you. We also offer a variety of Basics classes that teach lower intensity movements. These are suitable for older adults, those new to exercise, or trying a class for the first time.

If you’re not sure what level of class you should book, you can find out by clicking through to the individual classes and checking the description.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to speak to a member of staff at your local venue. They will be more than happy to advise you.

What if there are no classes available to book at my preferred venue?

Our fitness classes vary from centre to centre, please make sure to check your local centre timetable for class offerings and availability. If there are no fitness classes at your preferred leisure centre, then you can either join a waiting list (if you’re a member only) or see if there are available classes at a different centre . Additional fees may apply depending on your membership type.

If I’m on a class waiting list, when will I be able to join the class?

Booking onto a timeslot from a waiting list is on a first come, first served basis and does not guarantee availability. Members only can join waiting lists, and if a class timeslot becomes available, you will be notified via your email.

Do I need to show proof of booking to attend my fitness class?

All members and non-members are required to scan their membership card upon arrival at the centre, which can be found on the Better UK app. This will ensure your bookings changes from Booked to Attended on your account.

If you fail to scan in, you will be marked as unattended and will incur a £4 charged.

If you are doing back to back classes in one session, you have a four hour window prior to the class starting to scan in.

Do classes run on the same day and time every week?

Classes do run on a set programmed timetable but these may change from time to time to accommodate new classes or time adjustments. We recommend always checking the fitness class timetable on your centre page or the Better UK app for your desired class each week. Find your nearest centre here

General fitness class information

What should I wear to my fitness class?

For our fitness classes we recommend leisure wear or sports’ clothing that is comfortable , so you can move around easily as well as suitable footwear. For aqua classes, you will need to wear the appropriate swimwear .

What should I bring to my fitness class?

If your class requires equipment, then we will supply that for you. You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment to the class, such as a yoga or Pilates mat. Please check the information on your chosen fitness class page ahead of your class.

We recommend you come prepared with a bottle of water to keep you hydrated, and a small sweat towel to keep you comfortable. 

Lockers are available to store other personal items such as bags as these are not permitted in the studios.

I’m pregnant, are your fitness classes suitable for me?

Low impact classes such as yoga and mindfulness may be suitable for some pregnant women. However, every individual is different, and if there is any doubt, we advise all pregnant women to consult with their doctors before taking part.

What can I expect at my first fitness class?

Expect to learn something new, have fun and challenge yourself. Whatever your goal is when joining one of our fitness classes, we want you to leave the class feeling motivated and confident. We have a wide range of classes on offer, which are categorised by type, so it’s easy to find the right class for whatever you’re looking for.

Fitness classes are equally as great to make friends within your community in a fun and social setting.

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