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What is Pilates?

Best for: Low-impact, mobility, and strength

Pilates is a postural workout that uses tailored excercises to help lengthen and strengthen your body. Pilates allows you to train your physique and improve core strength, making it great for full-body toning, strength and conditioning, and even building muscle. What’s more, anyone can do it, regardless of age or ability level.

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Our pilates classes

Feel the benefits of a full mind and body workout with one of our Pilates classes.


Level: All abilities | Duration: 60 mins

Gently train your body and improve core strength with Pilates classes at Better. Pilates exercises focus on concentration and muscle control alongside breathing techniques, allowing you to transition smoothly from one move to another to build a revived and resilient you.

Pilates Basics

Level: Beginners | Duration: 60 mins

Offering simpler movements at a lower intensity and slower pace, our Basics Pilates class is perfect for people starting their fitness journey, as well as older adults and anyone looking to build confidence.This is a great intro to Pilates for beginners.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

If you’re after a low-impact exercise class that focuses on the mind and body, try Pilates. Pilates will help tone your body and enhance muscle control, while improving your overall wellbeing. You don’t have to have done it before in order to come along; Pilates is suitable for adults of all fitness levels.

Some of the main benefits of Pilates include:

  • Increased range of motion and flexibility with a focus on concentration and muscle control, as well as holding positions for a longer period, you’ll soon notice improved flexibility and movement.
  • Greater sense of wellbeing much like Yoga, these lower-intensity classes are offered in a relaxing environment, leaving you feeling restored and revitalised after the class.
  • Good for toning if you’re wondering if Pilates is good for toning, the answer is yes! Using light resistance and body conditioning techniques means you’ll be able to build stronger, leaner muscles.
  • Helps improve posture and stability regular Pilates practice teaches you greater body awareness, while supporting better posture and overall stability.
  • Strengthens your core one of the key benefits of Pilates is how good it is for your core. Many of the exercises require training your torso, which will improve your overall strength and stamina.

Pilates FAQs

Is Pilates good for toning?

Yes, Pilates is excellent for toning your muscles, as most of the focus is on controlled, repetitive muscle movements, holding poses and using your core. Regular Pilates will help you to feel healthy, fit, and toned, particularly when combined with other forms of exercise.

Is Pilates similar to Yoga?

Whilst Yoga and Pilates are similar, both helping to improve your overall strength, flexibility and mobility – there are some key differences.

Both are excellent for your mental health, and practicing either or both is a great way to maintain your health and fitness.

What to wear for a Pilates class?

You’ll be most comfortable in your Pilates class wearing activewear that you can easily move in.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you and a towel if you want it – we have plenty of water fountains in our centres for easy refilling before and after class.

Whilst you don’t need to bring anything else to the class as we provide equipment, you are very welcome to bring your own mat if you have one.

Is Pilates a good way to keep fit?

Pilates may not be as effective as cardio-based activity such as running or swimming because you are burning fewer calories, but it will help you maintain a healthy body and encourage muscle tone.

What are the mental benefits of Pilates?

There are lots of benefits of Pilates when it comes to mental health. Pilates can help to improve stress levels and anxiety, allow you to focus on your breathing, as well as enabling you to feel calmer, yet revived following a session.

Is Pilates difficult?

Pilates is suitable for all levels of fitness and exercises can be modified to suit everybody. Whether you're looking for a challenge, are keen to work on gentle strength training, or are after Pilates for seniors, try one of our sessions to build your strength and fitness using the core exercises of the Pilates method. 

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