Find out how badminton can boost your mental, physical and social health at a Better leisure centre near you. Book a badminton court, get involved in a badminton league or learn how to play. Better offers No Strings badminton at some leisure centres across the UK in partnership with Badminton England. Click ‘Badminton’ to find out more.

Fitness Classes

We have classes for the whole community, from high-energy dance or cardio classes to strength, conditioning, mind and body. There’s something for everyone. Fitness class timetables and time slots are bookable via the Better UK app or by clicking 'Book Activity' at the top of this page. Select ‘Fitness classes’ to find out more.


Is your child interested in gymnastics? Gymnastics will help to improve your child's agility, balance, coordination and more, all in a warm and welcoming environment. They'll also learn fundamental skills, which will help with other sports and activities. Our Gymnastic courses are led by qualified instructors and are suitable for all ages and abilities. Click ‘Gymnastics’ to find out more.


Better works in partnership with England Squash to ensure that squash is delivered to the highest quality across our leisure centres. Sessions are both accessible and when you want them. Why not book a squash court or get involved in one of the many squash leagues at your local leisure centre? You'll also find squash lessons to help you master this fun and high-energy game. Click ‘Squash’ to find out more.


Swimming sessions are bookable as either ‘Swim for Fitness’ sessions - involve lane swimming - or ‘Swim for All’ sessions - mean an open pool layout. These sessions are normally for an hour and can be booked via the Better UK app or online. Click ‘Swimming’ to find out more.


Better UK is the largest public provider of tennis lessons. Your child will become a confident tennis player, or simply develop their agility and coordination in a fun and friendly environment. Why not book a session at one of our tennis centres across the country and get started today? Click ‘Tennis’ to find out more.


Play basketball at a Better leisure centre near you. You can book a court to play with friends or why not get involved in a local league? If you're new to the sport, you can also find lessons or a course taught by a qualified instructor. Regardless of your ability, find a course or instructor to suit you. Click ‘Basketball’ to find out more.


We have wide range of different football pitches that are bookable at our leisure centres. These include a number of different surfaces from 3G Astroturf, indoor pitches, grass and tarmac. So you can train, play with friends or even join a local league. Click ‘Football’ to find out more.


Why not join the Tom Daley Diving Academy set up in partnership with Olympian Tom Daley? You’ll learn how to dive safely and build your knowledge and experience from the ground up. Tom Daley’s Diving Academy is available at a number of sites across the UK. Click ‘Diving’ to find out more.


Athletics covers a wide range of sports, from sprinting to high jump, so there’s something for everyone. Here at Better we have running tracks and specialist equipment up and down the country. Search for your closest Better leisure centre to find your closest athletics specialist centre. Click ‘Athletics’ to find out more.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is great fun for everyone. It improves your balance and coordination while being a place to make new friends on the ice. If you want a fun form of exercise, get your skates on. Click ‘Ice Skating’ to find out more.


Climbing is a great exercise for burning calories while having fun with friends. Why not book a slot climbing on one of our walls across the UK today with Better.?To find out more information about where you can climb in the UK with Better click ‘Climbing’ for more information.

Gym Workout

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, our gym has been designed with a range of equipment to suit your needs. Sessions are bookable in hour slots to ensure the gym is never too crowded. Click ‘Gym Workout’ to find out more.

Dance Classes

.Come and try one of our many different dance classes for all ages and abilities. Dancing is fantastic for building coordination and core strength while letting your body flow through natural movements. Discover dancing through Better as there is a class to suit everybody. Click ‘Dance Classes’ to find out more.

Spa Experience Treatments

Did you know Better operate a large number of spas across the UK? Why not visit one of our spas to enjoy relaxing treatments such as massages, facials and more. Most of our spas have swimming pool facilities too with saunas and stream rooms. Enjoy a well-earned break and book a spa day today. Click ‘Spa Experience’ to find out more.


Healthwise is a physical activity referral programme available to people with health conditions or looking for support and guidance. There are a range of different qualifying criteria that varies depending on your location in the UK. Click ‘Healthwise’ to find out more.

For the Girls

For the Girls is an initiative set up by Better to increase the participation of women in health and fitness. Women-only classes now run up and down the country with many activities. If you want to get involved in exercise with other like- minded women click ‘For the Girls’ to find out more.

Personal Training

Whether you are a more experienced gym user or you have never been in a gym before a personal trainer can help keep you accountable to hitting your goals. We work in partnership with YOUR personal training who provide personal trainers across all of our Better gyms with a minimum REPS level 3. Click 'Personal Training' to find out more.


Better is accessible for everyone. From swimming to the gym, you'll find activities that are inclusive, so that everybody can stay active and feel healthier and happier.

Ballet Classes

Why not come and try ballet? For all shapes and sizes, ballet provides an enjoyable form of exercise while building a strong, stable core. Better UK operate ballet classes up and down the country, search for your closest session today. Click ‘Ballet Classes’ to find out more.

Modern Theatre

Better UK run modern theatre classes from grade 4 to an intermediate level. These classes will cover all of the fundamental theatre production skills and more. If you’re looking to get into theatre, Better is the place to do it. Click ‘Modern Theatre’ to find out more.

Drama Classes

Drama is a brilliant way to improve speech, speaking in public or encouraging social interaction, confidence and self-esteem. Drama also allows kids to come together from different backgrounds to make new friends and create something positive. Click ‘Drama Classes’ to find out more.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a fantastic mix of all art forms so why not give it a try today? It involves Drama, Singing and movement to really help you stage out on stage. At the end of the course examinations are handled with Trinity Guildhall who are experts in this field. Click ‘Musical Theatre’ to find out more.

Street Dance

Our Street Dance classes are a combination of styles including breaking, locking and popping creating high energy stylish routines. Street dance provides a safe environment for people to come together, have fun and learn something new. Click ‘Street Dance’ to find out more.

Jazz Dance

Jazz classes are fun and concentrate on ensuring kicks, leaps and turns have the correct technique. But most importantly, everyone can take part regardless of experience or ability. Instructors will make sure dancers can progress at their own pace. Click ‘Jazz Dance’ to find out more.


B40 Youth Dance Company

B40 is our contemporary dance programme providing training and performance experiences for aspiring young dancers who want to perform at the highest level. Spaces on this programme are limited and are only offered in set locations around the country. Click ‘B40 Youth Dance Company’ to find out more.

Senior Activities

From fitness classes to organised activity sessions, such as badminton, tennis or walking football, find a range of sessions suitable for those older than 55. Get active, meet people and improve your social, mental and physical health with Better. Click ‘Club Activities’ to find out more.


Why not give sailing a go? It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the open water plus you’ll get active moving around the boat fighting the winds to get you the most possible speed. Find out where sailing is available across the UK by clicking ‘Sailing’.


Why not try canoeing? It’s great exercise and will help you connect with the great outdoors. You can canoe with others on the water while enjoying the environment and socialising with others. Click ‘Canoeing’ to find out more.

Open Water Swimming

If you fancy swimming in the great outdoors and don’t mind wearing a wetsuit, open water swimming could be for you. Perfect for triathlon training and getting to grips with the outdoor elements. Open water swimming is only offered at set locations across the UK, please check before you book. Click ‘Open Water Swimming’ to find out more.

Holiday Activities

Looking for things to do with the kids during the holidays? From swim school to football and tennis, find a variety of courses and holiday activities to keep them occupied and active.

Kids Activities

Whatever your age or level of ability, our wide range of activities, lessons or courses will be available at your local Better Leisure Centre. Explore what we offer and find something which is suited to your needs. All of our courses are geared towards making sure everyone has fun while learning new skills. Click ‘Kids Activities’ to find out more.

Aqua Splash

Take on the aqua splash challenge at a local leisure centre near you. Aqua splash is an exciting, inflatable obstacle course laid out in the swimming pool. Dive, climb and make your way across the fun and exciting course at a local swimming pool near you. To use Aqua Splash you need to be a minimum of 8 years old. Click ‘Aqua Splash’ to find out more.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child's birthday party at a Better leisure centre near you. From swimming and football parties to trampoline park and football parties, discover a range of activities to suit your kids. Don't stress - we'll help you organise, do the catering so you can sit back and enjoy the day. Click ‘Birthday Parties’ to find out more.

Indoor Bowls

Come and try indoor bowls. A sport that anyone of any age or physical ability can take part in. Meet new people while catching up about how your week has been. Click ‘indoor bowling’ to find out more.

Tenpin Bowling

Soft Play

Soft play is great fun for little ones and gives them time to let their hair down, play with new friends but most importantly, enjoy themselves! Why not check out your local leisure centre and book a soft play session for your little ones today. Click ‘Soft Play’ to find out more.


Performing Arts

Performing arts covers a wide range of specialities so there is something for everyone. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and boost your confidence performing to an audience. Click ‘Performing Arts’ to find out more.

Trampoline Park

In our trampoline park you can dodge, dunk and dive into a heap of fun. Our unique bounce arena has a mix of fun features, so there's something for everyone to enjoy. So what are you waiting for, pop in to see us and get bouncing! Click ‘Trampoline Park’ to find out more.


Here at Better we offer a number of different water sports from Windsurfing to raft building, check your local centre to see which water sports are on offer as it does vary from centre to centre. Click ‘water sports’ to fine out more.

Clubs & Partners

Trampoline and Play Park

Come and enjoy all the fun our trampolines have to offer, hop, skip and jump across our trampoline and play parks. Better UK offer trampoline and play parks across the UK, check in at your local centre to find your closest. Click ‘Trampoline and Play Park’ to find out more.

Pre/Post natal


Youth Club




Why not learn this vital life skill and give it a competitive edge. With cycling for all abilities whether you want to start riding a bike or you would like to compete in a race. Click ‘Cycling’ to find out more.

Outdoor Swimming

Whether you're an outdoor swimming fanatic or are yet to dip your toes into the water, why not try swimming outside? Not only will you feel more connected with the outside world, but you’ll also enjoy all of the health benefits of swimming. Bookable time slots are now available via the Better UK app or by clicking 'Book Activity' at the top of this page. Click ‘ Outdoor swimming’ to find out more.


Skate Park

Come and skate with us today. Better UK operates skate parks across the country. If you are in for adrenaline-fueled action then skateboarding could be for you. A sport that relies on coordination and stamina. Click ‘Skate Park’ to find out more.


If you have little one, Better UK operates a nursery at some of its leisure and children centres. Your children will be in expert hands and their every need taken care of. Click ‘Nursery’ to find out more.




School Groups




Hire and Tuition



Netball is a fantastic team sport that depends upon great communication, hand-eye coordination and stamina. Netball is great for building a team ethos to achieve together and is accessible for anyone of any age. Why not see if netball is offered at your local centre? Click ‘Netball’ to find out more.


Come and try out our inflatable fun today at your local Better UK leisure centre. These are fun for all the family and are a great source of exercise too. Inflatables are only offered at certain leisure centres, use the centre locator to check when they are next at your local centre. Click ‘inflatables’ to find out more.

Junior Gym and Fitness Classes

Junior Gym benefits 11 to 17 year olds both physically and mentally, as well as providing a safe space to meet new friends. With a qualified instructor present for all of the sessions and an induction prior to the session mandatory for all participants, get your teenager active at Junior Gym. Click ‘Junior Gym’ to find out more or click ‘Book Activity’ at the top of this page to book a session.

Clip 'n Climb

Why not try Clip ‘n Climb? A fun accessible version of climbing which is fun for all the family on a variety of interesting and funky wall designs. There are a number of different walls of different difficulties for you to test your skills or race against your mates. Click ‘Clip ‘n Climb’ to find out more.


Roller Skating

Why not try one a roller skating drop in session by Better? These are for 4 - 15 year olds and are great fun while improve balance and coordination skills. Check with your local Better UK centre to see if roller skating is offered in your area. Click ‘Roller Skating’ to find out more.

Swimming Lessons

Learn to swim with Better Swim School so your children learn this important life skill. The Better Swim School programme focuses on a set of achievements linked to a set of skills and distances achieved. All abilities are catered for at Better with lessons designed for children up to adults. Click "Book lesson or course" above to find out more.

Better At Home

Staying active and motivated when you are adjusting to a new routine is always a challenge. But there are plenty of ways to keep your body and mind healthy even when you can’t get to the gym, pool or court. With 1000’s of pre-made workouts to try from the comfort of your own home. Click ‘Better at Home’ to find out more.

Taster Sessions

Why not try a number of activities in our taster sessions? These allow you to work out which activities you enjoy best. We want to be a centre for local communities to get involved and find activities they’ll stick to and live healthy fulfilling lives. Click ‘taster sessions’ to find out more.

Give It A Go Programme

If you’re getting into fitness and need some extra guidance, our Give it a Go programme offers six weeks of support with a dedicated instructor. Following a health check, we’ll direct you to a range of activity options for you to have a go at. After the six weeks, you should feel confident to choose which of the activities you’d like to continue with that will best work with your schedule. Click ‘Give it a go programme’ to find out more.


Fancy a game of volleyball? Improve your hand-eye coordination, confidence and have fun in this great social activity. Volleyball is also great exercise to help keep up your fitness levels and is offered across many Better UK leisure centres. Click ‘Volleyball’ to find out more.

Weight loss with Better

Our weight loss plan combines weight management workshops, nutritional advice and physical activity alongside behaviour change techniques taught by experts in the field. This means you can not only lose weight, but gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Mountain Biking

Adult Tennis


Junior Tennis

Disability Tennis

Road Cycling


White Water Rafting

Hot Dog Kayaking


Disc Golf

Water Wipeout

Horse Riding Lessons

Have a Go Lessons

Track Cycling


Team Away Days

Experience sessions

Gift Vouchers

Health Programmes

Good Boost is a water-based rehabilitation programme designed to be fun and beneficial for people with a range of health issues. Also known as aquatic therapy, water-based rehabilitation is highly regarded for a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Family Activities

Activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Under 5's

There is a whole host of activities on offer for children under five years old to enjoy. Click 'Under 5's' to find out more.

Women & Girls

We also run sessions to help women to be more active.There are sessions specifically aimed at women and girls to get active and have fun in a comfortable environment.


VeloStudio offers cycling like no other, as you pedal to victory in the home of the iconic velodrome in London.

Athletics Competitions


Gosling Ski Centre offers a wide range of activities for all ages, beginner to advanced.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is an exhilarating and fast paced sport for players and spectators alike.


Table Tennis

Piano Lessons


We offer a diverse selection of cricket pitches available for booking at our leisure centres. Whether you're an enthusiastic cricketer looking to refine your skills, enjoy a casual game with friends, or join a local league, we have the perfect pitch for you.


XPLORE is a free Healthy Lifestyle Programme for children, young people and their families to move, eat well and feel good.



Are you ready to Elevate your fitness? These premium classes are designed to give you a unique full body workout, combining cardiovascular training with strength, power and endurance. Using state-of-the-art heart rate devices you’ll be able to monitor your activity in real time.


Sing your heart out and choose your favourite song at Karaoke.


From table tennis and beer pong to pool tables, find the games room at your local Better leisure centre.

Celebration Packages

Host your celebration with us! Whether it’s for a hen or stag party or a big birthday, anniversary celebration we can help you make it a day to remember!

Paddlesport Courses & NGB Assessments

Our Paddlesport courses are suitable for all abilities – from one off sessions for complete beginners to paddlesport development programmes for those that are more advanced.

Public Paddling

Whether you want to paddle on our lake or master the drop and eddies of our white water courses you won’t find water quite like it so close to London! To help you determine what’s right for you, have a look at our courses.

Equestrian Simulator Session


Elevate HIIT Power

Elevate HIIT Power is designed to push you to your limits. Using a mixture of Strength, Cardio, Power and Endurance each class will challenge you to push harder than you have before and reach your fitness goals. In this full-body interval class power is the name of the game.

Elevate HIIT Strength

High Intensity Interval Training with a focus on technique while inspiring your inner strength. By combining targeted exercises with timed interval, this HIIT class will have you strengthen your muscles and your mind.

Elevate HIIT Endurance

Combining Cardio, Strength and Functional exercises, this high intensity interval training class will improve both your stamina and endurance. An inspiring class that will challenge your body.

Elevate Group Cycle Performance

Introducing a new cycle class that inspires you to move. Combining music, visual effects and performance data, this interactive training is perfect if you love performance training, adapted challenges and entertainment. What's more, this studio cycle class highlights key workout metrics to always keep you in your training zone.

Elevate Group Cycle Freestyle

Get ready to ride into a live show. Let the rhythm of the music guide you as your pedals spin and the good vibes flow. Be amazed by what you create on the screen and immerse yourself in a complete sensory experience that will boost your mood naturally. A real party indoor cycling class.

Meet the team

Meet our Elevate coaches, your personal guides to fitness success. With their expert knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, they're here to motivate and support you in every class. These skilled trainers are more than just instructors; they're your allies in achieving your fitness goals.

Elevate Induction

Maximize your Elevate experience at King's Cross Fitness with our recommended 30-minute induction for new members. Get a guided tour, learn about our facilities and set up essential fitness Myzone and Technogym apps, preparing you for your first class.

Ice Skating Lessons

Explore the thrill of ice skating with our lessons for all skill levels. Improve your balance and confidence under the guidance of expert instructors. Perfect for fun and fitness - click 'Ice Skating Lessons' to sign up today!

Shore Based Courses

Our Shore Based courses include, Marine Radio SRC/VHF Courses, Safe & Fun Safeguarding, RYA First Aid and Outdoor Emergency First Aid. These courses are designed to give candidates essential outdoor skills.


In partnership with Aloha Tri Ltd, the Aquathlon Series, is a thrilling combination of swimming and running challenges set against the breathtaking backdrop of this legacy location. To ensure the series' credibility and adherence to national sporting standards, each of the three events are registered through British Triathlon.

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