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Why choose tennis lessons with Better?

Whether you’re aiming to be the next Wimbledon champion, or keen to learn a new sport, our affordable tennis lessons and training sessions are perfect for adults and juniors of all abilities. From fun classes for younger kids to 1-2-1 adult coaching, we have a range of sessions for you to choose from.

As part of a social enterprise, our mission is to get more people, more active, more often. That’s why we partner with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to make sure our courses meet all the latest guidelines so we can help everyone enjoy playing tennis. Our sessions are also delivered by licensed and registered LTA coaches, providing you with expert support while you’re on the court.

We’re the largest and fastest-growing public provider of tennis lessons in the UK. That means that you can enjoy tennis courses and classes wherever you’re based. We train both social and competitive levels so you can find something that suits your needs.

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Children’s tennis courses

Help your little ones get active with our range of tennis trainings and lessons for children. We also have a range of short courses and sessions to keep them moving during school holidays. Below are our regular children’s tennis sessions:

Teddy Tennis

Best for: Ages 2-5

Combining music, games, pictures, interactive play and a cast of friendly teddy characters, Teddy Tennis gets your little ones active on the court. During these kids tennis sessions, your child will get to know the characters and learn skills in a fun and playful environment. Less focused on the gameplay, Teddy Tennis is more of a casual introduction to the sport, building your child’s confidence and social skills.

Junior tennis lessons

Best for: ages 4-18

From introducing them to a new sport to developing their technique, our junior tennis lessons will help your child to become confident on the court. Following the LTA Youth Programme, our highly trained coaches will guide your child as they develop their agility, coordination and social skills, in a fun environment.

These tennis sessions are suitable for a range of ages and abilities so every child or teen can learn how to play this great game. Some of our centres have sessions for those aged 3 years and above so even little ones can get involved.

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LTA Youth Go!

Best for: ages 4-18

If you want to introduce your children to tennis in a fun and energetic environment, LTA Youth Go! is the perfect choice. With games, drills and racket practice, LTA Youth Go! builds on the basics without the need for a court. Aimed at little and not so little kids, LTA Youth Go! will build your child’s confidence, improve their social skills and help them get comfortable using a racket and ball before they move on to the tennis court.

Some of centres also run LTA Youth Start sessions which are more court-based and focus on helping kids aged 4-11 start to play tennis.

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Adult tennis lessons

Our adult tennis classes are ideal for those picking up a racket for the first time or anyone who wants to hone their skills. Learn the fundamentals of a match and work on skills like serving, volleying and drop shots. Our tennis classes for adults also provide a great place to make lifelong friends. We offer a range of sessions across our centres, from beginners to advanced players, and even some women-only lessons too. Find your nearest centre and start playing today.

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Private tennis lessons

For those wanting a more personal lesson we offer one to one and one to two person private lessons across all our indoor tennis centres. These are perfect for those players that want to improve at a faster rate or on a specific area of their game.

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How to book tennis lessons at Better

Ready to hit the court? You can book a tennis session at most of our centres via our website or the Better UK app.

For some of our leisure centres, you’ll need to book tennis courses in person rather than online. Please get in touch with your local centre to find out more.

To make a booking on the website:

  • Visit Home Portal, our Lessons and Courses booking page
  • Enter your postcode and select ‘Tennis’ from the drop down list. Click ‘Search’ to find sessions near you
  • Choose your leisure centre and select ‘Show Lessons’ to find out which sessions are on offer, view timetables and see availability
  • Click ‘Book’ on the timeslot you want and log in to complete your booking

On the Better UK app:

  • Log in and find your nearest Better centre
  • Click the ‘Lessons and Courses’ button  and then click ‘Book New Lesson or Course’
  • Enter your postcode and select ‘Tennis’ from the drop down list. Click ‘Search’ to find sessions near you
  • Choose your leisure centre and select ‘Show Lessons’ to find out which sessions are on offer, view timetables and see availability
  • Click ‘Book’ on the timeslot you want and follow the instructions to complete your booking

Frequently asked questions

What will I learn as a beginner?

Our beginner tennis training sessions focus on getting you comfortable on the court and developing your technique with the racket. We’ll help you build your confidence as a player with lots of coaching on the core skills needed for a tennis match – including strokes like forehand, backhand, volley and serve – working towards playing a full game!

Can you stay fit playing tennis?

Tennis is an excellent sport for keeping active and boosting your fitness. It’s great cardiovascular exercise and can also help you work on your strength, endurance and agility.

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