Learn to flip, jump and twist

With a wide range of gymnastics courses on offer for all ages and abilities, why not book your little ones on to a course to develop their life skills. 

Not only does gymnastics provides a great opportunity for children to try a new sport, make friends and have fun, but they'll also learn a number of foundation and transferable skills that can be taken into other activities and sports. From balance to hand-eye coordination, gymnastics is an amazing base to work from. What's more, your little one's confidence will soar as they enjoy sessions in a warm and friendly environment. 

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Your cooperation, along with the safety measures and all the efforts from our gymnastics coaches, will help keep your visit safer, better and stronger than ever.

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Adult & Child (18months-2yrs)

A child’s first introduction to the world of gymnastics, facilitated through guided play, using both small and large apparatus. The coach will instruct the adult on how to safely support their child, allowing them to experience all the basics of gymnastics in a fun and exploratory way.


Pre-School (3-4yrs)

A child’s first independent gymnastics class. Pupils will be taught the basics of gymnastics, such as shapes, balances, jumping, rolling and co-ordination, through fun and structured lessons. Children will use a variety of small and large apparatus.

Better Pre-School Award

Fundamental (4yrs+ - must be in full time school)

For school-aged children moving up from pre-school level, or those children completely new to gymnastics. These classes will focus on the core skills required for gymnastics, such as strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and jumping, whilst introducing the basic skills for rolls, cartwheels and handstands, and vaulting.

Better Fundamental Award

Preparation (5yrs+)

For children moving up from Fundamental level, or those children that can demonstrate competence in jumping, balancing, weight-bearing and have a good degree of basic strength and flexibility. These classes focus on developing and improving the basic skills, including forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands and vault.

Better Preparation Award

Novice (6yrs+)

For children moving up from Preparation level, or those children that can confidently perform the following; forward roll, cartwheel, bridge, handstand against wall and squat/straddle on vault. These classes will focus on expanding on these skills, and introducing more difficult jumps and balances, whilst improving the gymnast’s strength and flexibility.

Better Novice Award

Intermediate (7yrs+)

For children moving up from Novice level, or those children that can confidently perform the following skills; backward roll, forward roll to straddle, handstand, handstand forward roll and squat through/straddle over vault. These classes will introduce higher level skills, such as round off, back flips and handstand flatback vault. A higher degree of focus will be on strength and flexibility development, and body conditioning.

Better Intermediate Award

Advanced (8yrs+)

For children moving up from Intermediate level, or those children that can confidently perform the following skills; round off, forward roll with straight arms, splits, bridge kickover and handstand flatback vault. These classes will introduce advanced skills, such as tumbling, handspring vault and more difficult floor skills, whilst increasing the focus on strength, flexibility and body conditioning.

Better Advanced Award

Young Adults (11-15yrs)

For older children who are new to gymnastics, or have a basic grasp of some skills, these classes will focus on the Fundamental, Preparation and Novice levels of our syllabus.

Better Fundamental, Preparation & Novice Awards

Adults (16yrs+)

For all abilities, from complete beginners to returning gymnasts, these classes will allow you to practice and learn in a safe environment, with the guidance and support of a qualified coach.



A specialist lesson for participants with a disability, the class caters for all disabilities; learning, behavioural, sensory and physical. Participants will have the opportunity to reach their potential in a safe and stimulating environment.

All Better Awards

FreeG/Free style (8yrs+)

For children aged 8yrs+ who enjoy the more daring side of gymnastics, these classes will teach participants elements of parkour in a safe environment using a range of equipment. Taught by a qualified coach, participants will learn how to flip, jump and perform tricks and stunts, providing a fun and challenging lesson.



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How to get the most from your gymnastics lesson:

  • Please wear suitable attire. Acceptable clothing includes shorts, t-shirts, leggings, jogging bottoms, leotards, unitards
  • Jeans, hooded tops, skirts, zips, excessively long trousers or sleeves, buttons and strings/toggles are not permitted
  • Long hair must be tied back securely, away from the face and all jewellery must be removed – this includes stud earrings
  • It is important to stay hydrated, so remember to bring a drink; water is recommended
  • Please arrive on time for your class. If you are late, you will miss the warm-up and may not be allowed to participate, for safety reasons
  • Children aged 8yrs and under must be dropped off and collected by their parent/guardian. Parents/guardians must also remain in viewing areas to take their child to the toilet. Anyone under the age of 16 cannot drop off or collect pupils
  • Remember to use the toilet before your class
  • Do not enter the gymnasium or use any of the equipment without the permission of the coaches
  • Please leave at least one hour between eating and starting your class
  • Photography is not permitted. This includes using mobile phones, video recorders, cameras or tablets
  • Please avoid communicating with the children during the session, as it can be distracting for your child and the other children in the group.

Track your progress online

When you book a Better lesson or course you can track you or your child's progress using our online progress tracking tool; Home Portal. It's easy to set up and allows you to access information and updates on the go.

Features include:

Record of achievement - clear and regular updates on progress, including achievements and areas for improvement

Book and pay online - pre-plan and skip the queue, allowing you to go straight to your lesson. Dates, times and levels (subject to availability) all available online

One account for multiple children - perfect for schools and families

Easy administration - view your credits and update your contact details at the click of a button

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