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Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, develop your skills or make new friends, badminton is a fantastic sport with many benefits to enjoy. Easy to pick up, with plenty of room to master your skills, getting on a badminton court near you is a great way to have fun and exercise, regardless of your age or ability.

In Better centres around the UK, enjoy inclusive access to our wide range of badminton courts to book at your leisure. We also offer a selection of exciting activities to choose from, badminton lessons to enjoy and courts to hire. However you’d like to play, there are plenty of fun badminton activities to enjoy at a Better leisure centre near you.

So if you’re interested in staying active and having fun on a badminton court near you, get in touch with a member of staff at your local Better centre or book a court online to get started today.

Badminton court hire

We have a wide selection of badminton courts to hire, available at over 100 Better leisure centres nationwide. Whether you’re playing with a partner, as a group or interested in competitive play, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you’d like to get involved, book a badminton court near you today.

If you’d like to regularly use your local Better badminton courts, check out our Pay as You Go membership. With this membership, enjoy up to 30% off access to your local Better facilities for just one annual payment with no monthly contract or fees.

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Badminton lessons

Learning to play badminton is a great way to improve both your fitness and have fun. With lessons, you can learn proper techniques for serving and smashing, as well as improve your footwork, helping you to grow your badminton abilities.

That’s why we offer badminton lessons and courses at leisure centres across the country, helping children and teenagers aged under 16 learn to play. Our trained instructors can help your child improve their skills and develop their confidence on the badminton court, all while socialising and meeting new friends.

If you’re interested in your child taking part in badminton lessons, get in touch with your local Better leisure centre today or book a session online.

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More Fun on the Badminton Court

No Strings badminton

Aimed to provide a casual and enjoyable badminton experience for adults 16+. We offer No Strings badminton sessions at our leisure centres across the UK.

In partnership with Badminton England, our No Strings badminton sessions are designed to let you practice, socialise and play against other local community residents in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the equipment, as we provide everything you’ll need to take part. Whether you’re just starting out or a pro on the badminton court, get in touch with your local Better leisure centre to find No Strings Badminton sessions near you.

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Smash Up badminton

Helping to get young people on the court, Smash Up Badminton is our fun, inclusive badminton coaching program designed for kids. Providing young people with an opportunity to stay active, practice their skills and make new friends, our trained Smash Up coaches tailor their sessions to meet your child’s needs. Introducing them to a range of fun ways to develop their badminton abilities, including games, music and challenges, our Smash Up badminton sessions are a perfect introduction to the sport for kids and a fun way to keep fit. To find out more about how your child can take part, speak to a member of staff at your local Better centre.

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Hear from our members

No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or simply looking for a new way to stay active, badminton is a fantastic activity whatever your age or ability. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our members on how they enjoy Better’s badminton facilities across the UK:

"Badminton was a game I barely knew, but my Better membership changed it all. Now, I engage in friendly matches every week and have found an exciting, new regular hobby with my friends." - Jack, a Better Member

To hear more from our brilliant members on how they make the most of their local Better facilities, take a look at some of our community stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do badminton and tennis use the same court?

Tennis and badminton courts are not the same and have several key differences. Although being similar in shape, badminton courts are much smaller than tennis courts. Also, the nets used in badminton matches are higher and less wide than ones used for tennis, with the materials used to make the court flooring also being different.

What are the different types of badminton courts?

There are a number of different types of badminton courts, made up of different materials that affect how they feel to play on. Indoor badminton courts are often made of wood or acrylic, while outdoor courts can be made from synthetic mats or cement. We have a number of indoor and outdoor courts to choose from, designed to suit players of all needs. To find which court works best for you, book a session online today and try them out for yourself.

What equipment is needed to play badminton?

What equipment is needed to play badminton?

To play badminton, you’ll simply need a shuttlecock, net and a racquet for yourself and your partner. Once you’ve got these, you’re ready to get started. If you don’t own any equipment yourself, why not try our No Strings badminton sessions, where we provide everything needed to get started. You can book a No Strings session either online, or by speaking with a member of staff at your local centre.

For answers to any other questions about the fantastic range of activities we offer at Better, and more, visit our FAQs page.

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